RN to BSN or RN to MSN

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    I am a new nurse and am struggling to find a job without further education and am hoping someone can help.

    I switched careers when I lost my job in 2009 and went back to receive my ADN RN in 2012. Since receiving my RN I have been applying for jobs but seems that unless I have a BSN I am not even being considered. So I figure I should return to obtain my BSN, my problem is that I have a Bachelors of Arts degree and as I research options I see that I can go right for my MSN because I already have a bachelors degree. I am concerned that if I get my MSN instead of BSN I would be overlooked because I may be over qualified. At this point in my life I don't foresee looking for jobs that require an MSN only BSN however I don't want to kick myself in the future for not getting my MSN. According to most of the schools I have looked at the MSN is only 3 more courses.

    Any suggestions? RN to BSN or RN to MSN?

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    I would say go for the MSN since you have a prior BA. It took me 4 years to land a hospital job after my ADN. It was only after I completed my MSN that's job offers were pouring in.
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    If the MSN is doable for you time and $$, do it. I am a ADN for past year and will have my BSN in May! However I read I think from the ANA but not really sure where that there is a push for BSN to get their MSN by 2020 also. I am finding it hard to find a job also. If you do BSN I recommend Arizona State University online BSN.. I did it in 8 months. It is a very strong program.
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    Four years to land a hospital job with a ADN...dang. I got hired in CVICU 6 weeks after taking my NCLEX with a ADN.
    Quote from rtx723
    I would say go for the MSN since you have a prior BA. It took me 4 years to land a hospital job after my ADN. It was only after I completed my MSN that's job offers were pouring in.
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    you guys are scaring me with this talk.. I graduated in December 2012 with my ADN... got my license jan 14th.. and I can not even get a call back.. I have worked for doctors for 15 years.. my current doc for 10.. my classmates with little to no medical experience have jobs.. I FULLY intend to continue my education but I need some $$$ and experience first. Maybe find a hospital who wants to help PAY for the required BSN..

    Everyone wants experience but no one wants to give it. Sorry for the rant.. I am just beyond frustrated with this experience.

    Had my first interview in 10 years.. called to follow up and was chastised by HR for not waiting for the email... What gives?
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    You can do the RN to MSN reguardless if you have another bachelors degree. There is no requirment to have a bachelors degree to get a masters degree. There are lots of RN to MSN programs that do not require a BSN, nor do you earn one along the way. With all the direct entry masters programs popping up all over the place brand new grads with MSNs are becoming very common. I wouldn't worry about your masters being accepted.
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    I had my ADN in 2009 and MSN in 2012.
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    Like you I thought it would be easy to get a job. I have been a paramedic and a LPN. One of my former instructors said it takes about one year in the Phx area to find that 1st job. That made me decide to go to ASU to get my BSN. Now I am being told that they only want experienced nurses. Really. How did they get experience? I try to stay positive and to focus on what I can do to advance my standings in the great application pile! One day the shortage will return and those same hospitals that had nothing to do with us will be begging for our presence! I just hope it is before I need a refresher course and a cane!
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    I have a non-nursing BA, and I'm doing the ASN-BSN route first so that if I want to change jobs, I can't be turned down d/t hospitals preferring or requiring a BSN, while deciding which route to go with my future MSN. You should look into the school's requirements as well. My university won't let you apply to the ASN-MSN program without already having worked 2 years as a nurse.
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    The facility I used to work at (part of the Mayo System) and the hospitals in Anchorage are only hiring BSN's or higher. If you can relocate, try IHS facilities. Sometimes you do not even need to change your state license because of IHS. You can also get loan repayments!

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