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  1. Student Loan Debt

    What is the question?
  2. An experience is an experience. There's no point to lying because they will all come up with your background check. I would suggest to try applying to the really small community acute care hospitals. They are better at giving you a chance to work. ...
  3. UCLA 2015 NP Program

    😁 be patient.
  4. More $$/hr for CCRN?

    1.75 more per hour with exam fee reimbursement
  5. The exit exam just assures the school the likelihood or chance of a student of passing the NCLEX. However, if a student does not pass the exit exam the school will not consider he/she as graduate of the program but you'll be eligible providing you'v...
  6. Failed my first med surg test

    The importance in taking test in nursing analysis and application of a theory or a procedure. Nursing is very subjective and each nurse have their own beliefs on what works. Just remember, in the NCLEX world everything is possible with unlimited wh...
  7. Flexed.com offers a intro to critical care class that's about 6 sessions and 8 hours per day
  8. Insulin Therapy

    Unless you have a DKA then you check glucose q1hr. But the general rule is to check achs with PO patient. Or on tube feeds then every 6hrs
  9. UTA MSN in Administration

    Tacomaster If your end goal is to be in nursing administration then I would say to pursue it. I will believe in putting in hard work now to secure a future. To be blunt, don't mind the haters. You do it for yourself. People will always discourage ...
  10. More $$/hr for CCRN?

    They pay 400 dollars for initial cert plus 1.75 extra with my base pay.
  11. UTA MSN in Administration

    I completed the program August 2012. It just takes a lot of time writing research papers every week for 2 years. The opportunities it gave me after the program were endless.
  12. Certifications

    Hi lilcampy Assuming you've worked one year at 36 hours per week will equal 1728 hours. Eligibility requirements for the CCRN is 1750 hours. You are most likely eligible to sit for the exam.
  13. random fact throwing: PCCN/CCRN edition

    This is helpful~!
  14. Handling 12 hour shifts!

    All I can say is to pace yourself. 12 hours is really not that long if youre busy.
  15. IM injection on underweight pt

    I usually would use a tuberculin syringe and put it in their deltoid or buttocks.