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  1. travelovingnurse

    Health Assessment Class

    Thanks everyone. I took the exam this morning and passed. I thought the heart sound questions were difficult. I also had quite a few questions on infants. I appreciate your help!
  2. travelovingnurse

    Health Assessment Class

    Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement.
  3. travelovingnurse

    Health Assessment Class

    Hello, I am taking the Health Assessment Class right now. It is an incredible amount of information to go through. The course community is DEAD without many postings and the course mentor is not active either. Any suggestions or tips for studying and preparing for the exam? Anything surprising about it? I have been out of school a long time and maybe I am over-thinking things and trying to remember every single detail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. travelovingnurse

    Do you get a "letter" grade at the end of your classes?

    My enrollment counselor told me you could get the grade as a "3.0 or B" and not a pass if you requested it since their pass is a 3.0.
  5. travelovingnurse

    Starting WGU Washington June 1 - any advice for the old dog?

    I am a Diploma RN 1983 starting June 1st!
  6. I start June 1st too!
  7. travelovingnurse

    Changes to MSN Ed program coming....

    I just spoke with my enrollment person. I am supposed to start the RN-MSN Education June 1st. He said that it is his understanding that if you have not started on the MSN portion of the program you will NOT be grandfathered into the old program. Supposedly they are having a meeting today to give the details of the new program to staff. He is going to ask specifically about being grandfathered into the old program at the meeting today. I don't really want to be in the group that works all the kinks out of a new program. It sounds like the program changes that already occurred this year caused a lot of headaches for the current students. Any input would be appreciated? Anyone have any updated information about what the changes are specifically going to be? Thanks!
  8. travelovingnurse

    Capella's RN to BSN program

    I looked into it, but it isn't Regionally accredited so I was not interested.
  9. travelovingnurse

    I am 24 days into WGU's RN-MSN program and I love it,

    What is COS? Not familiar with that Acronym. thanks!
  10. travelovingnurse

    I am 24 days into WGU's RN-MSN program and I love it,

    This is terrible. I don't think I want to go to a school that is doing this to their students!
  11. travelovingnurse

    I am 24 days into WGU's RN-MSN program and I love it,

    So, they are tweaking these classes because so many are doing poorly since they have changed the program? That doesn't sound good at all and I am not sure I want to do a program like this.
  12. travelovingnurse

    I am 24 days into WGU's RN-MSN program and I love it,

    Sounds like you are doing great! Thanks for updating us!
  13. travelovingnurse

    PSY 1110 Feb 2013

    This sounds like great advice! Thanks!
  14. travelovingnurse


    thank you! Did you take any other classes to transfer to OU?
  15. travelovingnurse

    Statistics outside OU?

  16. travelovingnurse

    Statistics outside OU?