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The local community college where I live just expanded their programs to offer a RN to BSN transition. My question is since this is a new program it has not received accreditation yet. If I get a BSN from them what implication... Read More

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    Quote from kabfighter
    NLNAC accreditation is retroactive to the date of the site visit. If you graduate prior to the site visit, your degree will be unaccredited.

    "However, please note that accreditation is effective as of the accreditation cycle in which the visit took place and is not retroactive."
    Wow, what? How do they get anyone to sign on for the program KNOWING that their degree will never be accredited even if the school receives accreditation. I don't get it.

    If its a school doing spectacularly with its ADN program I can see taking the risk that they'll get accredited if it was retroactive, but if not, then?

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    There is no requirement to graduate classes prior to accreditation. The school from which I graduated offered students the option of postponing graduation until after the site visit so that their BSN would be NLNAC-approved.

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