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RunninOnCoffee has 10 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. RunninOnCoffee

    Accidently took home a patients' insulin!

    First year of nursing got into my driveway, went to pull out my phone and discovered 2mg of Dilaudid.... Oops! Back to work I went. Then just a few years ago did it with Morphine. Very long day and honestly for a second I thought about taking it back the next day but instead I just ran it back that night. It happens to everyone. Both times I pulled the meds and then the pt said they didn't need them.
  2. RunninOnCoffee

    Late for work excuses

    Several years ago before I graduated nursing school the unit secretary replacing me called in because she was "already too drunk to come into work." I ended up staying until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Still can't believe that 1. She actually admitted that and 2. She still somehow had a job the following weekend.
  3. RunninOnCoffee

    Our units acuity is at an all time high.

    We have been slammed full all...summer....long! Slap full and did I mention low staffed hospital wide! I work the next 5 of 6 days and just want to crawl in a hole somewhere and hide.
  4. RunninOnCoffee

    Tripping/rolling ankles in Danskos

    I had the same problem until I finally ended up spending the afternoon portion of my shift getting X-rays in the ER for a potential fx. Thankfully none, but I got to become very friendly with crutches the next several days. Since then they have sat safely in the top of my closet and I have worn Alegria's. Not quite as comfortable as Dansko's but I have not fallen again since. I have tried wearing tennis shoes but by then end of my shift I just hurt everywhere. My back, knees, feet, all of it. I hope you find what works best for you!!
  5. RunninOnCoffee

    What are the best Nike shoes for a 12 Hour Shift?

    From my personal experience (and each person is different) Nike's, Brooks, etc are great for walking and running but for hours of standing I come home with my knees, ankles, and feet just aching. I LOVED my Dansko's until I rolled an ankle in them and have since switched to Alegria clogs. I have one of the newer styles not the older clunky clogs. I could work several more hours on my feet in those. I think they are made not just for the walking but the hours of standing we do too. Again, each person has preferances and that is just works for me.
  6. RunninOnCoffee

    Off duty RN scope of practice on an airplane.

    As being part of the responding code team ACLS is a protocol therefore no physician medication order requirement. We frequently start pushing meds before responding code physicians arrive. One of the purposes of being ACLS trained and being a code responder is being capable of running a full code. So long as you are ACLS certified I see no issues.
  7. RunninOnCoffee

    Code blue questions

    I agree with the above poster. My other thought was also if the pt was not intubated that meant you were using a bvm. In doing so probably blew a large amount if air into the abdomen. This combined with compressions caused the pt to vomit. Just responded to an ugly code last week where this happened.
  8. RunninOnCoffee

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Placing NGT's. For some reason that feels like one of the most barbaric things to do to someone. I know good and well they will feel so much better once the abdomen is decompressed, but shoving something through the nose just looks like pure torture!!! Oh and I second the CT runs or any field trip with 5 million lines, pressors, Codmans, vent, and the works!
  9. RunninOnCoffee

    What I learned this week (7/4/15)....

    I learned again that synthetic marijuana is really bad for the noggin and combined with a full moon makes for entertainment for all the family members in the ICU......even after we closed the little cupcakes door so his outbursts wouldn't be quite so audible.
  10. RunninOnCoffee

    That moment when....

    You have exhausted yourself running all day long, practically ignored your other pt, countless labs sent, phone calls to the doc only to have them turn into a one to one ..... at 18:00...... Hopefully if I get him back tomorrow he will still be one to one. Now I'm going to bed! Sorry just had to vent. Happy Friday yall!
  11. RunninOnCoffee

    My patient died today

    I'm sure you did everything you possibly could! Remember when it's your time, it's your time and there is nothing we can do about that. Mourn his loss tonight, say a prayer for his family, and go in tomorrow and give it your all again. Hugs!!!
  12. RunninOnCoffee

    Have bad attitude- RN to BSN programs

    I am begrudgingly starting my BSN program later this month. I can see the writing on the wall now and I hear others on this forum talk about difficulties getting a job with only an ADN. Additionally down the road I would like to get a Master's in something. I just haven't figured out which route I want to pursue just yet. Good luck to you!!
  13. RunninOnCoffee

    Critically ill pts wanting to go AMA?

    At the last hospital I worked for we were not allowed to help the AMA patient out, nor were we allowed to call transport. If they couldn't walk to the door they needed to have a support person that could get them there. I guess they were worried about some type of lawsuit if they fell on the way out.
  14. RunninOnCoffee

    How to find a job in southern california - new grad

    Forget to mention several said they were looking to hire travel jobs for LA and Riverside areas.
  15. RunninOnCoffee

    How to find a job in southern california - new grad

    Not sure what city you are in, but we just moved here too. Have you considered travel nursing within the city and surrounding cities you are living in. I applied via Monster for one job and in the process apparently posted my resume for recruiters to see. For the next several days my phone and email were blown up by travel companies. Several claimed to have jobs for SoCal. Good Luck with your search!
  16. RunninOnCoffee

    Malpractice question

    I am beginning a RN-BSN bridge program next month and one of the requirements is to hold professional malpractice insurance. I did a quick google search and got several results. I really don't have any knowledge in this area. If anyone has had a good experience in this area please let me know. I have to upload my dec page into the university system with in the next two weeks. Thanks!!