GRADUATED!!! Do I call myself RN yet?

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    I just graduated as a Registered Nurse!! ADN... I worked my butt off working and going to school! God is question is can I call myself a Registered nurse yet? I'm not scheduled to take my boards yet, school has to send my completion program paper work. I feel so uncomfortable calling myself that already. I'm a LPN already so its a change. I know to work as a licensed RN I have to the NCLEX but people keep asking me what I am and Im confused on if I can say it? haha
    Thank you
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    In the US..,,You are a graduate nurse until you pass the NCLEX and are issued a license to practice as a registered nurse by the board of nursing. In the majority of states the title of registered nurse is legally protected.
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    In other words, OP, you're a GN. A Graduate Nurse. You don't have a license yet, but you're no longer a student either. Your state may issue you a temporary license to work as a GN under the supervision of an RN until you've taken the NCLEX. That part is up to your state's BON.
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    Sorry OP but you are not a Registered Nurse yet.. You will be once you pass your boards/NCLEX, until then you are a GN/LPN
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    No offense... but this was heavily stressed when I was in school. (Just sayin: kinda surprised with the query... if this was seriously posed.)

    BTW, congrats!
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    No. Not yet.
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    Not until you get that precious little number from your BON!!!

    Congrats on finishing school - good luck for your NCLEX!
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    OP you will be able to call your self an RN once you pass the NCLEX-RN.
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    congrats . We graduate tommorow nite also. I am also an L.P.N. Cant wait to take the boards. Dont have a date yet cause school has to send in paperwork too.
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    Someone called herself a nurse yesterday because she graduated and I was like Lol not until you take the nclex.


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