What was your GPA, when you got accepted into nursing school?

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    There seems to be a lot of questions on how important GPA is to get into a program.
    So I decided to start a thread where people can see , and average them out. We can all speculate on the importance, but to see the numbers, sometimes helps.

    I hope it helps some people. I hope we all achieve our goals.

    I start in January an RN program, my GPA is 4.0
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    When I started nursing school in 2009, my GPA was 3.9. However my program put a lot of focus on ACT scores, in which I had a 29. I had no trouble being admitted.
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    Gpa before nursing school: 3.8
    Gpa during nursing school (at that school only): 2.5
    Gpa after nursing school (cumulative): 3.1

    I think only 4 of my 100 classmates knew what an A was during nursing school lol
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    Hello I'm new to this website. My GPA when accepted into nursing school was 3.5 , starting this spring semester
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    New to this website. My GPA when I was accepted into nursing program was a 3.5
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    My GPA from undergrad 3.4

    Pre reqs 3.74

    Accepted into an accelerated program.
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    Got accepted with a 3.8, it is now a 3.4.

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    1st degree: 3.12
    2nd degree: 3.94
    Prereqs: 4.0
    Nursing school: 3.97
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    Pre nursing: 3.53

    Post nursing: 3.65

    I actually raised my GPA in nursing school. It's easier for me to excel in subjects that interest me, and I knew that having a good GPA was required for masters programs. I have never understood the concept of " C's get degrees; it's an excuse in my opinion.
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    4.0 pre nursing. I recieved a 100% in a&p, chem, and organic chem
    In my last semester and its down to 3.69

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