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What was your GPA, when you got accepted into nursing school? - page 5

There seems to be a lot of questions on how important GPA is to get into a program. So I decided to start a thread where people can see , and average them out. We can all speculate on the... Read More

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    I had a 4.00 when I applied
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    3.97 when accepted as a transfer into a BSN program
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    First year I applied: 3.6
    Second year: 3.35 (first two years were applying at a Top 10 school where I missed automatic admission out of high school by 0.02)
    Third year/New school: 3.89 at new school (essentially retook everything from my previous school), around 3.5 cummulative
    First semester of nursing school: 3.85, cummulative is close to 3.6

    My school puts a lot of emphasis on your volunteer work, essay, and they like to see that you were working and capable of keeping your grades up.
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    Quote from marinelayer
    Congratulations! I start in May.
    That's awesome!!!!.. :-D
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    What school is that??
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    3.3. was my gpa. The official gpa to get in at the time was 3.0, the school has now raised it to a 3.3. When I was still applying as a prenursing student, on talking to current nursing students, they told me there GPA was 3.6, 3.7 etc... when they got in, they strongly hinted that one's gpa has to be 3.5+ to have a competitive shot. Clearly my GPA was not 3.5+ and I got in, so GPA is not everything on the application. Now that does not mean you can slack off and not study but I think if your GPA is in the 3.0 range and you have volunteer experience, a excellent essay then go and apply.
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    (Science) GPA at acceptance: 3.0
    Cumulative GPA at acceptance: 3.5
    Current GPA going into nursing program: 3.32
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    Undergrad gpa 2.89/ prereq 4.0. Peace Corps in between. Applying for an accelerated program this fall. Not sure what my chances are.
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    4.0 in everything
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    My first degree was a 3.1, I didn't care much about my GPA, just wanted a bachelors.

    My Pre-reqs are are 3.8, I transferred over a few B from my prior degree so it knocked it down
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    Sciences : 4.0
    Overall : 3.95

    2 semesters in: 3.9

    Many people got in with much lower.
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    My GPA was a 3.8 when I applied but got denied for having to many classes left (micro, both a&ps, nutrition were all done). Now I'm finishing up the easier ones like speech, literature, history. I'm applying to a different school now in hopes to start this coming January.
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    In my school, they only counted their pre-req classes in the GPA, which helped mine a lot. But GPA wasn't the only thing they looked at. There are several things they looked at-

    1. Your grades (FIRST ATTEMPT) in AP I/II, Micro, & Statistics
    2. GPA
    3. TEAS
    4. BS degree in another field
    5. If pre-reqs were done at that university

    I'm pretty sure I have these arranged in order of importance as far as their formula goes. My GPA in the AP's, Micro, and Stats was 4.0, and all on first try. My overall GPA for pre-reqs was 3.67-- or somewhere in there (can't remember exactly).

    My school weighs all the things I mentioned above and sorts the applications, throwing out any that don't qualify (failing TEAS, GPA below required, incomplete, etc.). Then they sort the apps highest to lowest in order. They start accept everyone from the top down until they run out of spots.

    I did not do well on my TEAS (as in I was lucky to make the cut off)- I ran out of time before finishing. I do not have a B.S. and didn't do my other classes at their college... leading me to believe that the heaviest weight went to the first attempt sciences and the GPA.