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  1. preciouspkgs

    NICU crafts/scrapbooking

    The unit I will begin my first position with, practices primary nursing and everyone is expected to scrapbook for the parents. I'm a little nervous about this myself honestly, since I am not a super crafty person. When I was there shadowing I saw beads, foot and hand prints, different things monthly - but the majority of the scrapbooking is done by the PARENTS. The unit social worker holds weekly parent groups and they do scrapbooking as part of it. I think this probably takes a lion share of the scrapbooking off of the nurses. I will let you know once I actually start!
  2. preciouspkgs

    Should I take NRP/STABLE?

    I am a new grad. (for disclosure I am also a direct entry licensed midwife). I have NRP, and STABLE and was told it was one of the reasons I was hired straight into the level 3b NICU. So I can say for me, it helped. I don't really understand how it would hurt - since most NICU's require you to have both anyway? Good luck!
  3. preciouspkgs

    Just got hired as a new grad!

    Congrats y'all! I just got hired into a level IIIB NICU, graduated Aug 24 just waiting for my license and start October 23 (and I am moving across the country to take it!). Anyway, the book that the NICU director suggested to me to study before I start is : Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing 5th edition, by Verklan/Walden Its pretty intense but great info. I don't know about you all, but I'm terrified lol. Nursing school doesn't really give you anything that applies to NICU. Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing, 5e (Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (AWHONN)): 978
  4. preciouspkgs

    Delta healthcare providers

    Do any of you know anything about Delta Healthcare Providers? They are a staffing and travel agency that also helps place new grads. They have some pretty great advertised job packages, just wanting to know if they are the real deal or not.
  5. preciouspkgs

    New Grad RN can't find a job

    Unless your ADN or BSN program is specifically written with the Board of Ed here in Florida to include an LPN "out", you are no longer allowed to sit for the LPN exam. It hasn't been an option for about 7 years or so here.
  6. preciouspkgs

    New Grad RN can't find a job

    OMG NO. I wouldn't recommend CFVH to anyone. I lived there, worked there as a CNA and it is a horrific place to work. Had lots of friends who were RN's and wouldn't do it again. Unless you want to be a trauma nurse. For a midsize military town they get alot of trauma,Not sure why.
  7. preciouspkgs

    Which specialty as an RN...

    Thanks Katie. My only issue with med/surg is that at least in this area - it really tends to just be geriatrics and really basic issues.
  8. preciouspkgs

    emergency educational international instititue

    Its all what you make it and what you are willing to put in. Its a relatively new program, so there are still ALOT of bugs being worked out. I have been a student there since August. Was it my first choice? or even my fifth choice? Honestly no, but the state is paying for me to go there and it works out best for me as we only have to have our "butt in the chair" 1 day a week as a bridge student, then however many clinicals per semester. If you have no medical background and would be coming in as a generic student I would say stay far far away....its just really not a good way for you to get your education and be competent in my personal opinion. As a bridge student, bust your a$$ and teach yourself alot, have good clinical skills to start and you will be fine. The faculty and the administration are open to comments/suggestions if you give them respectfully and you are doing your part.
  9. preciouspkgs

    WGU statistics completed in 1 wk

    Wow good for you! Are you normally good at math? Statistics scares me, I suck at math and struggled through Algebra taking it a few times.
  10. preciouspkgs

    Which specialty as an RN...

    will help me the most going for my FNP? I am about to graduate with my ASN, and will be going straight into an MSN/FNP program. My background: I am a licensed midwife, went back to school for my RN and my ultimate goal is to open a rural clinic somewhere to serve the underserved ( birth to death), since so many of those clinics already in place are closing down due to retirements etc. So my major background currently is OB/Well Woman. I am trying to figure out what nursing jobs to apply for to work while I am in school for my FNP that will contribute the most to my education/skills for when I am OUT of school, if that makes sense? Also, it doesn't matter to me if I have to move somewhere in or out of state (currently in Florida) to get the job that will help me the most. I'm willing to go anywhere but California - just because of the issues people have getting a license there when they are from out of state. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  11. Ok, I am studying for a final, question from the study guide is: How does a nurse help child on how to cope with loss of body parts? Book for course Fundamentals of Nursing Taylor 8th edition. Can't seem to find it ANYWHERE. Does anyone know if there is a fundamentals specific answer? I know how I would answer based on empathy, psychology, being a parent etc but Knowing the instructor I'm pretty sure she wants an answer straight out of the book.
  12. I have issues with this. I'm sorry but Excelsior isn't for "people who fail out of traditional nursing school"! You have to have a health care degree before you can enter the program; either a Paramedic, an LPN/LVN, Respiratory Therapist or Licensed Midwife. If you happened to take some traditional nursing school classes after that but didn't continue - they DON'T transfer. You still have to take all of the regular ADN classes, the focused clinical exam and the professional nursing exam. Its HARD. Don't let anyone fool you, the program has a 40% pass rate - because its HARD. Unlike traditional nursing school, where you have an instructor telling you what to read, how to prepare for the test etc, you are given a list of books, a list of subjects and thats it. You have to learn it ALL because any of it can be on the test. We may not have traditional clinicals - but again you come into the program with a degree already in healthcare. You are expected to have most of the skills already, and teach yourself the rest either through workshops or on the job you are currently working. If you fail one item on the performance exam, you take it over at a huge cost (2500$ for the exam alone, nevermind hotel, travel, stress etc.). The NCLEX pass rate for those who make it through the program and the performance exam is 99%. SO please stop perpetuating the fallacy that Excelsior is for rejects from traditional school. It is just another option, for those of us who cannot spend 5 days a week sitting in class because we have to support our families, or already have good jobs and are just adding to those skills.
  13. Most of the BSN programs I looked at don't even think about clinicals until the end of 1st semester/beginning 2nd semester of their third year. So it sounds like you had a great program, but thats not the norm.
  14. I am trying to find out what ADN schools out there offer all clinicals in their final semester. I was just in orientation with some new grad nurses from Houston and Dallas who told me they did all the didactic classes first and then they basically just went to work for clinicals the last semester. Because we were in orientation I didn't really get time to ask them what schools, and now I am curious. (I didn't get names and we don't work in the same department). Anyone know?
  15. preciouspkgs

    How much do you make as a tech?

    I'm working in Waco, TX 1yr experience 9.18/hr plus a 50cent shift diff for evenings or nights (nothing for weekends). Thank goodness I graduate ADN school soon and will hopefully make double!