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  1. Does it say "Complete" on the checklist part when you pass? When I checked the day of the test(yesterday), it didn't say complete in that part. Today is the day after the test and it now has my school's info under the education section as well as completed and completed date in the checklist section. I hope that means I passed! Still no license number though.. I never thought this test would cause so much anxiety!
  2. CareQueen

    Piedmont Atlanta Hospital Pay

    Wonderful to know! I'm looking to move to ATL as a new grad BSN,RN upon graduation in July!
  3. CareQueen

    I really dislike when...

    Hmmm...is it that problematic to go into a profession for the money though? I don't know that I think it is ,nor do I think that has anything to do with being good at the job. I'd be lying if I said that money wasn't a HUGE factor in my decision to pursue a career in Nursing. After it's all said & done, I care no more about whether my nurse loves Nursing and everything about it, than I do whether she/he mainly enjoys the pay. As long as she/he is capable and learned and manages to keep me from dying or otherwise further deteriorating, I'm happy!
  4. CareQueen

    How is your sleep?

    I am a social media ADDICT..and it seriously affects my studies AND my sleep lol. I study, only to keep staring at Facebook and Instagram every 10 mins & covering MUCH less material than I'd like to by the time I get sleepy...at which point I get ready for bed and spend at least another 30-45 mins in bed in the dark looking at Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest of course. It's horrible! Once my ABSN program starts though, I am sure that I'll have to simply deactivate every account or I'll never get anything done.
  5. CareQueen

    Anatomy & Physiology I/II Summer 2013

    My A&P II class is over on Monday, but I am definitely NOT going to get an A. I'm expecting a B by the skin of my teeth! I'm proud of that B though, because my schedule has been HECTIC and I've been admittedly putting more energy into health & fitness than I have this 5wk class lol. It's all worth it though. A 32lb weight loss and a B in A&P II??!..I'll take it! Congrats everyone!
  6. CareQueen

    Summer Sessions are for Champs!!!

    It's great to know that we're all in the struggle together! How are classes going for everyone??
  7. CareQueen

    How many nursing schools are you applying to?

    Yep, it's a whopping $100k. This is the figure that the school gives with all probable costs included, like health insurance, living expenses, transportation etc. Tuition and fees itself is only about $18K per semester. I'll probably wind up spending closer to $85k total for the entire program (loans, school grant, work-study and out-of-pocket.) But still, it's expensive. My stats? I have a B.A, in Government, and a 3.25 cumulative GPA (NOT including prereqs, b/c I was already accepted into the nursing prog before I even started taking those.)
  8. CareQueen

    Last week of pre-reqs!

    This is my last week of Stats. The final is next Saturday. I'm hoping to make an A in the course, but think it will probably wind up being a B. Ah well, can't win 'em all. :) I have three more weeks of A&P I left and then I'll be done w/prereqs for the Spring. I'm taking two more in the Summer though, accelerated courses at that!, an 8-wk Microbio course and then a 5-wk A&P II course (yikes!!!) ,and then I'll be done and off to my ABSN program in August!!
  9. Whoo-hoooooo!!! I start a 17-month Accelerated prog in August as well, and I hope to have similar success. Good luck to you all!
  10. CareQueen

    Accelerated BSN prerequisites

    Yes, having a Bachelor's does not automatically bar you from receiving Fed aid. You probably won't be eligible for any grants, but Fed loans are always available to you as long as you haven't maxed out for your particular level of study & haven't defaulted on any previously received Fed loans. I'm doing the same thing now!!! HOWEVER, the thing is you can't get Fed loans UNLESS you matriculate into a program. All you have to do is matriculate into some vaguely related program at the community college. (For me, I matriculated into the "Pre-Nursing" major) After you matriculate, secure your loan aid, take only the classes you need, and transfer out when you're ready. The govt. doesn't care if you finish the program, they only care that you are progressing along in something (what they term 'satisfactory academic progress").
  11. That's awesome!!!!.. :-D
  12. Always remember that GPA is only ONE factor in your application. Yes it does matter, but I would encourage people to refrain from using it as a reason to curb a nursing career (or any career for that matter). My Undergrad GPA (averaged from three different schools): 3.30 My Pre-Req GPA: (so far): 4.0 When I applied to my Accelerated BSN program, I hadn't received grades for any pre-reqs yet so I couldn't include them, but I did submit an addendum to explain dips in my grades during undergrad (stress, finances etc.). I also have lots of varied work and world experience, most of which is completely unrelated to nursing. I think that's what helped me out a lot in the application process, being an atypical applicant. I was accepted into Johns Hopkins for their second-degree ABSN program, Early Decision at that! I start in August! So no matter how "low" you think your GPA is, you are a package deal. Not all admissions committees focus solely on grades.
  13. Just an update....I figured it out! It took some doing, but I finally got it done.....enrolled in a local cc, but the only way for me to qualify for federal loans was to declare into an AS program. (Now of course I have no intention of actually finishing theAS program but the govt will only lend you money if they can see what it is that you're working towards...eh, works for me.) Lucky for me, the cc that I'm attending has an actual Liberal Arts: Pre-Nursing Option major that is pretty much comprised of exactly the classes I need to take. Unfortunately, I figured all of this out about a month too late, so I can only take 2 pre-req classes this semester instead of the four I wanted, but I have a plan to make up for that, so I'm hopeful! Thanks again for the advice folks!
  14. @ melc0305: When I filled the FAFSA out the first time, I selected the option for entry-level masters. However, after talking to the aid offices for the programs, they said to select the option for "5th yr/other undergrad" and then to select 2nd Bachelor's degree. That changed the amount that I was able to borrow. When I selected Masters, it said $20k, but after that update my loan eligibility was lowered to $12,500k, so there is a difference. Did you use up your maximum amount of loans for undergrad when you were getting your first BA? I think undergrad is only eligible for up to $43K or something close to it, no matter if it's first or second degree.
  15. So after further research, I found and applied to another local community college that offers the courses at a fairly reasonable price. I am taking the courses just for credit and not as a part of a program. (@ one of the CCs, they call this a "Guest" student and at this CC, they don't differentiate.) For 12 credits (3 courses), it'll be about $1500 (including fees). This isn't too bad I guess, but combined my other normal bills, this is still quite steep for me, especially since I am registering late and will need to pay most of it as soon as I sign up. However, I am not giving up. I am going to find a way to pay for this! Thanks everyone!
  16. CareQueen

    Financial aid at community colleges as second degree student

    I am in the same boat. I have a Bachelor's degree in Government and was on the way to entering law school until a few months of deep self-reflection recently turned my career interests towards nursing. Now, I am scrambling to enroll for the pre-req courses at a local community college but may run into a wall with the aid as well (due to the college's deadlines for including Fin Aid as payment for late registration), which may push back my ability to start the courses until January. . In any case, as a second-degree student, you aren't typically eligible for typical FinAid pkgs, grants or institutional scholarships, especially if you are just taking one-off credits and opposed to entering a program. However, the government allows Federal Direct Loans and Federal Work-Study only, for students completing pre-req coursework for the sole purpose of qualifying for another degree-seeking program. (I think you have to get the schools that you're applying to to provide a letter to the pre-req school as proof of what you're doing). This aid can only be used for a maximum of 12 MONTHS, and only once in your lifetime, so you have to be sure to take the pre-reqs continuously and to pass them in that allotted time. This specific loan prog is a manual program though,(meaning the systems won't automatically recognize that this is what you are doing.), so the fin aid office at the school at which you are taking the pre-reqs has to apply for it FOR you. Try asking the Fin Aid office about this option and see if it is available, because every school does not participate. (Junior colleges often have different guidelines than typical 4yr universities.) Hope this helps! I'm still researching options myself! I work full-time, but my bills make it almost impossible to pay for these courses in such a quick time frame, so I completely understand your frustrations. Best of luck!