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I'm going to get straight to the point. Is it true that nurses have to change "poopy" diapers/patients and or deal with dead bodies? I would love to get into nursing, but those are my deal breakers. PLEASE HELP. All... Read More

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    Not everybody gets used to it. Nursing is not a job for everyone. If the OP is really not meant to be a nurse, better that she realizes it sooner rather than later. Plenty of new grads who don't have a problem with body fluids cannot find jobs. There is no point in having yet another unemployed RN in the mix, particularly one who clearly doesn't have a passion for it.

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    Quote from Neisha_
    I'm just realizing that the majority of the replies I received are negative and insulting.

    It's a shame because I am only 16 and was asking very logical questions.

    If your going to act hurt and be rude, then simply don't comment.

    Dear, look at the quote in Esme's signature line. It's from one of my favorite philosophers.

    Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Just because you are hearing something you didn't like or that didn't support your original bias does not mean that it's rude, negative, or insulting. You said at the beginning that all comments are welcome. Welcome to the big people's world-- you got them, and from people with the experience you will come to have but don't have yet.
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    Neisha, you asked a very reasonable question.

    I could not have taken the "gross" stuff at your age, either.

    Why don't you enjoy life and see where you are in two or three years, when you're starting in college?

    By the way, there are medical- and health- related careers you can have (such as radiology technician) which do not require much exposure to body fluids, etc.

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    Quote from Neisha_
    -Would employers view 18 year olds with an ADN as fresh-meat, with not enough "experience," or would they likely disregard my age as long as i'm qualified??

    -Would you recommend me to pursue another career path, like Diagnostic Medical Sonography, if I refuse to have anything to do with dead bodies or wiping someones ***?

    -Also, if you are a nurse, what is daily life like? Do you dread going to work?

    Any other advice is welcomed and appreciated.

    Keep in mind that I am only 16, and will be graduating high school early next month, June 5th to be exact.
    If you refuse to deal with dead bodies or perform basic care, you will not make it out of nursing school. Sorry but that's the truth.
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    You are obviously very smart to graduate so early, especially now with all the requirements in high school. I think you need to realize though that it doesn't mean you are mature enough to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. That is not an insult, I was very mature in many ways at your age too (everyone thought I was headed to Harvard) yet I got pregnant at 16... So not so mature after all! Just realize at 16 it's very hard to make life decisions no matter how smart/mature etc you are. I think talking to a career counselor at the college might be a good idea and if you really think you might want to be a nurse don't let the thoughts of any one bad thing stop you. Some of the things I feared the most (hospice) I love the most, I thought back as a CNA, what will I say to someone who's dying, what if I say something dumb, what if they cry?? I was young when I got my CNA license but my first hospice patient I fell in love with the specialty! They are honest, have tons of great stories to tell and there is no better feeling than knowing you are helping a person in their last weeks/days be happy & comfortable! As far as dealing with dead bodies, if you are meant to be a nurse you will realize it is a matter of helping that person one final time. It's not my favorite part of nursing but its not that bad... If you think you want to be a nurse give it a chance, we are all capable of much more than we think
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    Neisha. If those are deal breakers than the deal is broken beyond repair. It is worse than broken. It is totaled.
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    You're not meant to be a nurse if those are deal breakers for you. You will be dealing with that, and worse, in most health related areas.

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