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I know we're only in prenursing & some just started or have gotten accepted into the program, but I was just curious if you guys had an idea of what kind of nurse you wanted to be? Like which... Read More

  1. by   EMT-newbie
    Just now finishing up an EMT certification, and clinicals in hospital ER shadowing a tech has been the highlight. I think that when I get school lined up that ER will be my first choice after learning thr ropes on the floors.
  2. by   x_factor
    Quote from brenay
    This is interesting . I volunteer at the hospital but I have not shadowed before. I think I should now. I thought about ER & ICU but what if the spark is not there for me either? However, cardiology has always been interesting to me. What did you enjoy about cardio pulmonary? Sorry about all the questions! Hope I am not annoying you.
    I enjoyed cardio-pulmonary for the same reasons I loved that part of A&P when I first took it, the inner-workings of the heart fascinates me. I enjoyed it just because I learned so much listening to the nurses, and seeing the different diagnoses that came through the unit that were related to the heart. The heart controls so much, it was a learning experience I just personally enjoyed.

    Everyone will find their favorite area though, and once I become a working nurse, I'm sure my interests will change too, so I am not set in stone with where I'd like to end up, rather I just have future goals, but I am open to change. My friend is an RN and through school she felt "destined" to work ortho, she loved that aspect and did a rotation during her senior year of school in ortho. She graduated, landed in ortho, and hated every second of it after a while. She'd never had a desire to work in the ER, but accepted a position there to get out of ortho, and loves every second of her job in the ER and has been there for years ever since.

    With nursing school, as a student you need to go into it with an open mind. Having career goals are great, but be open to the possibility of change, and go into each clinical rotation with an open mind. You never know what you'll be exposed to where it just clicks that this particular area is for you, even if it's an area you never thought you'd see yourself.
  3. by   AmandaJoy
    I wasn't interested at all in nursing until this past summer. My husband was diagnosed with neck cancer, and a scary hospital trip that included a trach, feeding tube and a Stevens-Johnson response left me terrified. The nurses and respiratory therapists were instrumental in giving me the eduction and confidence I needed to be able to take him home and take care of him. I hope hope hope that no matter what type of nursing I'm able to do, that I can help the families as much as my husband's nurses helped me.
  4. by   Angele L.
    Although I am open to change during clinicals, I am leaning towards ER nurse. I like the fast pace, not knowing what is going to happen that night. But have to admit that I will accept any position to get my foot in the door and some experience. I worked in Orthopedic surgery for 5 years and it really doesn't interest me. I also worked in an OB/GYN office for 10 years, but having had my own experience with childbirth, I don't think that is the best place for me .
  5. by   christina731
    Like a PP said, I too would like to be an "employed" nurse. I start my ADN program in a few weeks, so my opinion may soon change once I begin clinicals. At this point I have no real opinion due to lack of experience. I have always found ICU, ED & L & D interesting, but we'll see what happens when I get my feet wet. Although I'm pretty sure I will shy away from peds. I can deal with an ill/injured adult just fine but I don't know how well I can handle a very ill or injured child. Hopefully once I become more experienced I might be able to handle it a bit better.
  6. by   Devon Rex
    Since befoe I started nursing school, I was highly interested in the Operating room. Every time I had the chance to have my clinical done at the OR, I'd ask my professor. Since she knew that was the specialty I wanted, she would let me do OR. I loved it at first, then the newness wore down. I still like the OR, but I was missing the patient contact aspect of patient care... SO... now I'll be concentrating on urology (adults only), which I find fascinating. If it wasn't for urology, I would consider oncology or palliative care.
  7. by   pnkgirl25
    I want Adolescent Psych or Burn. Would also consider ER and Trama.
  8. by   cannolis
    A great one.
  9. by   InfirmiereJolie
    I've only volunteered in the ER. I did almost 150 hrs a while ago, which isn't very long. It was nice imo, but one thing I think about: is 7-8 hours a typical amount of time for a person to be in there? At minimum it seemed a person had to wait 5 hours before being treated, discharged, then released. Some people had to wait in the hallways in gurneys. Many people had to wait to get admitted, too. People would ask me questions that they wanted to see the nurse/physcian and wanted help (felt like they weren't getting help) I felt sorry for them and I would go ask, but it seemed to take a long time for a response, then they would ask me over and over again, still no response from the person I ask. (I couldn't help them because I wasn't certified/authorized) They were not overloaded, either..... They didn't really feel like they were getting good treatment/ were being ignored. It seemed like the doctor was mostly on the phone (I guess asking other doctors for diagnosis? Phone orders??).

    I don't know if there are speedier places, but there it seemed slow anyway. This is years ago so it might have improved since then!

    I guess I'll really know for certain during clinical rotations (If/when I get in, hoping for Fall 2013)

    I want to be a GREAT one!!!!

    Quote from MeekaNichole
    I know we're only in prenursing & some just started or have gotten accepted into the program, but I was just curious if you guys had an idea of what kind of nurse you wanted to be? Like which specialty? Or department. And if you're not sure, that's fine too.

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  10. by   CMA2013
    I really want to work in Labor and Delivery. I was also thinking about being a Psychiatric Nurse. Those are the two areas that fascinate me the most.
  11. by   dianer83
    Hello everyone, I work for the VA hospital as an cna, I do love it. Even though I do feel like psychiatric nurse is what I like, I do believe public health is my calling... So hoping soon or later I will figure it out... Oh also maybe become a SANE nursing would be interesting. Good luck to all of you.. I hope all our dreams come true to becoming a nurse.
  12. by   as_nurse
    Right now I really want to work in pediatric oncology or palliative care, but I guess I will see if clinicals change my mind. I can't wait to start in May!
  13. by   brisweet
    I'm really not sure. Everyone keeps saying that once you go through clinicals is when you decide anyway but I've been interested in learning more about Pedi, Labor & Delivery and maybe even the OR.