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25+ years as a computer programmer, now returning to my early interest in biology/sciences and career transitioning to RN

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  1. I'm now 50 and just finishing up an EMT class and probably starting down the long path to ER nursing one day soon. Do what you want, is my advice. My only other advice that took me years to learn is that it's easier to ask forgiveness later than to get permissions first =)
  2. EMT-newbie

    What kind of nurse do you want to be?

    Just now finishing up an EMT certification, and clinicals in hospital ER shadowing a tech has been the highlight. I think that when I get school lined up that ER will be my first choice after learning thr ropes on the floors.
  3. EMT-newbie

    Advantages to being a male nurse

    So here I am doing my clinicals in ER as an EMT-basic student, shadowing a tech. He takes a 20 minute break and within 60 seconds I get my muscles volunteered to transfer a patient being discharged from wheelchair to car. Now I gotta say that I'm 50, not in firefighter shape by any means and this nurse could kick my butt around the block so I do a double-take and then hop right on it. I take the position that I'm there to help no matter what form that help takes; that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  4. EMT-newbie

    Oxygen for the anxious patient

    Just a non-professional thought but for people not hyperventilating just the offer of O2 and the presence of the mask or nose tubes may have a calming effect because it's seen all the time on TV, you know the scene where the patient flies into the ER and immediately gets an oxygen mask and is OK or gets one at the scene on the ambulance and the hero knows that the guy in there will be OK. Appearances, expectations and placebo effect can trump reality sometimes.
  5. EMT-newbie

    Should I go back to the military?

    For what it's worth, I know a captain who absolutely loves their medical career in the army.
  6. EMT-newbie

    5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    I hear that they got degrees from an offshore medical school.
  7. Suture Self Run, It's JCAHO Leaving You In Stitches Gauze And Dolls (for you theater fans) The Very Model Of A Modern Surgeon General (also for you theater fans) Lilo and Stitches
  8. EMT-newbie

    One of the most frustrating things about nursing

    You've latched onto a Truth. My doctor recently went out of her way to thank me for being a wonderful, compliant and easy to work with patient she's had and simply because I followed the care plan. I was stunned for a moment that it was even something to bring up, much less get praised for.
  9. EMT-newbie


    Laser removal works best with dark ink so those grays may be a problem, plus you stand a real chance of scarring so my personal recommendation to anyone is that unless it's gang related and you're divorcing yourself from that lifestyle... be aware. Cover-up cosmetics are available that are purposed specially for tattoos in the off cases where long sleeves like a jacket or t-shirt under scrubs isn't an option, and that's advice for any field and not just nursing.
  10. All good points, thank you. I think the current markets in many locations are heavily distorted which is why I can't make sense of how things are set up.
  11. It seems like a natural combination, lab sciences and nursing school, and yet everywhere I look the learning sequence is artificially split. So many of the stories I read are "take your prerequisites and wait 1-3 years for a cohort." My problem with this is that life has to be put on hold while waiting, you cannot take on any substantial work because you might be pulled away in 6 months or 2 years. Am I simply not seeing schools that, once accepted, give the full education? Or is there a historical or practical reason that I'm overlooking?
  12. EMT-newbie

    How old is too old?

    50 isn't even half-way done yet, much less "stick a fork in it" time I'm 49 and going back to get the degree I quit on 30 years ago, originally it was psychology but now I've decided on healthcare and quite possibly RN by the time I'm done. To paraphrase some quote I read recently, if we knew how little time people spent worrying about what we do we'd spend a lot less time worrying about what people thought about us So go do what you want, you have my blessings.
  13. EMT-newbie

    Doing a BS and then a BSN?

    Thanks for the input and shared experiences, maggiex3 and LadyinScrubs! I'm on the cusp of deciding to get my bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration, which I can complete in good time due to existing lower division work at city college. After that I hope to find a hospital / nursing home situation and use that time to find my niche in nursing while waiting on acceptance to an BSN program.
  14. EMT-newbie

    What do I do with a nasty nurse?

    A note from my side of the universe in software: it is far more productive for a software team to fire a member who is disruptive no matter how brilliant or productive they are, allowing "that guy" to stay poisons the workplace and undermines your authority. The hardest part of being a manager, as told to me by various managers of mine over the years, is disciplining or firing someone and yet it must be done. Having clear guidelines from HR helps keep the process professional, as I learned from my ex who was in Hospital HR for years. Nurses eating their young is not "culture," it's just wrong. Who knows, with a formal paper trail your recalcitrant nurse may turn it around and teach instead of threaten.
  15. EMT-newbie

    Doing a BS and then a BSN?

    I'm orchestrating a career change from writing software to nursing. In my software career I am mostly self taught and have worked for many years without a degree. Because local classes in the traditional science prerequisites are wait-listed I'm thinking outside the box. I can get a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Informatics while completing the nursing school prerequisites. Will having a BS degree in a healthcare field speed the process of getting a BSN, and separately will a background in medical informatics be a good resume builder and help my career along once I get hired as an RN? Thanks for any opinions or experiences :bowingpur
  16. Urban dictionary entry for the Inland Empire, it's what we in SoCal call "The 909." Urban Dictionary: 909