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  1. dianer83

    What kind of nurse do you want to be?

    Hello everyone, I work for the VA hospital as an cna, I do love it. Even though I do feel like psychiatric nurse is what I like, I do believe public health is my calling... So hoping soon or later I will figure it out... Oh also maybe become a SANE n...
  2. dianer83

    Moving to MKE....LPN looking for advice

    Www. Nursing centers.com it's in agency but it help you get establish of what's out there in mil. The VA alway hiring for Lpn too. Good luck
  3. Hi everyone, this is to whom every taking the teas for the second time or first time around. Rent, order or go to your local library and ask for a McGraw - Hill's Pre -GED book. Great book to help you with everything you learn from 7th threw 12th pl...
  4. dianer83

    Any difference between TEAS test for LPN and RN?

    I am from Wisconsin and at our tech school for the PN you need to have between an 58 to 77% and for the RN you need to meet the beach mark score for each subject so say reading has to be 69% you need that 69 or higher and goes for all each of the sub...