What has been your favorite prerequisite?

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    We always talk about what was hard or what we've hated... but what have you loved?

    Before this semester A&P was my favorite series of classes. The complex processes of the human body were rewarding and exciting to both learn and understand.

    As I enter my last semester of prerequisite courses, I think A&P has a rival for my favorite. I'm now in Chemistry and I LOVE IT. It just makes sense to me and I get excited to come home and do my homework! My professor has her doctorate in Organic Chem from Johns Hopkins, she is so knowledgeable and passionate. I swear her enthusiasm is contagious.

    Throughout this process I have gained an incredible love of learning, I feel so lucky to have this insatiable thirst for knowledge!
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    General and Organic chem were my favorites! I also enjoyed molecular biology, microbiology and math.
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    A&P was my absolute favorite! My professor was awesome. He was very knowledgeable (wrote the A&P book) and truly loved teaching. His passion was making everyone else passionate about learning!
    I hated chem, but found I am actually liking statistics. I know, weird right
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    Chemistry is on top followed by College Algebra. Gotta love us science and math geeks.
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    I too loved A&P and thought learning about the body was amazing but, I enjoyed microbiology more. I loved doing gram stains and streak plates. while A&P is interesting, I think what I learned in micro is going to be more practical to nursing.
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    Ugh, I had a horrible Ochem instructor, and I feel like I didn't learn very much useful. I like A&P because it made sense, and like ant2cory said, I sort of liked Stats, though I have forgotten more of it than I remember.

    But my best grades were in the liberal arts and "soft sciences"- Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Anthropology, Ethics, etc. I got 4.0 in all those classes, whereas my sciences were all in the 3.2- 3.7 range. Sciences were harder for me. I this doesn't become a problem once I start nursing school... (in less than 2 weeks, yikes!)
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    I loved microbiology and zoology!
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    Anatomy and Physiology 2.
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    Gen chem and o-chem.

    I'm doing my least fav now, stats. It isn't as god awful hard as I thought it was going to be, but it's still boring. I hate math.
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    So far, I'm really enjoying AP! Micro isn't too bad either, but AP is by far my preferred!