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  1. Pharm help

    I have my first pharm test coming up this week and I have gotten myself so confused. I am hoping someone can help me understand a concept. Please understand I am NOT asking to just be told the answer but to help me understand why the answer is what i...
  2. school suggestions Saint Louis

    There are so many schools in Missouri for nursing and Chamerlain is probably the most expensive. I do have a friend in their program now and she really likes it. It is a good school but pricey. UMSL is good too, I have a friend there too :) I am goi...
  3. Need Pediatric Preceptor!

    Have you contacted the children's hospitals around St. Louis to see if they can direct you to someone. Cardinal Glennon, Children's and Ranken Jordan are good places to call!! Good luck and I hope you find something quickly!
  4. Maryville 2014 WEC

    I got my letter last night. It said once you send in the paper that says you accept your spot they will send you out a nursing packet that tells you everything you need to know. Does anyone know anything about the scrubs we need? And can I order a st...
  5. Maryville 2014 WEC

    I haven't gotten mine either. My advisor said they may take up to 3 weeks after our phone calls before we get them, hopefully not that long but could be. I e-mailed him and he enrolled me in the summer course I am taking but I haven't done Fall '14 y...
  6. Maryville 2014 WEC Put this in your address bar and see if it pops up!
  7. Maryville 2014 WEC

    Yes ladies, that is what it's called... I set it up as a "closed group" let me do some research and see if I can't figure out how to find it :) If not you can message me your e-mails (or just names) and I can invite you to the group.
  8. Maryville 2014 WEC

    Hi MarqueMark!! Let me know if you can't find the group :) Congrats on making it in! I can't wait till we all meet!
  9. Maryville 2014 WEC

    I created a closed Facebook group for our class. If anyone wants to join it's called "Maryville WEC C/O 2016"
  10. I got in!!!!

    Yes it is!!! I love your name by the way, it's my daughters name :)
  11. How Many Classes Do You Have Left?

    In micro and history now then one elective over the summer!! I start core nursing in August!! I just found out I may be able to start in June though! I emailed my advisor so we shall see :)
  12. Maryville 2014 WEC

    I'm going to try to take the skills lab. I can't take health promotions (long story) this summer. I have one more class to take this summer so I hope they still let me take the skills lab!!
  13. Maryville 2014 WEC

    Treeeee, I just messaged you and Mcallister, I just got your message too and replied :)
  14. Maryville 2014 WEC

    Treeee, let's set up that FB group!!!! I've used them before and LOVE them!! They are great and I'd love to get to know people before we start :) When you say summer, do you mean this summer (before we start??) If you do, I didn't know that was an ...
  15. Maryville 2014 WEC

    Congrats to everyone who got in!!! treeeee, I would LOVE to do a FB group. Let me know what we need to do!!! nwayne, Goldfarb is an awesome school, I have a friend that goes there now :) mclavin, I got a phone call but I was called very early (my ad...