What classes are you taking in the Fall 2012? - page 4

I know it's a little early for the Fall, however I scheduled my classes this week and must say I'm excited. My main class is A&P 1. The rest are just one or two credit classes, mainly gen. ed courses. So, what are you... Read More

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    I'm taking chem - for the second time!! I took it 7 years ago and for the life of me can't figure out how I managed a B+. Now it expired and I have to repeat. Oh well...wish me luck!

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    Currently I have A&P 2 scheduled for Fall but if I get into the nursing program near my home, then I will be starting the official nursing classes. *crossing fingers*
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    Well after taking a break from pursuing nursing school, I am back to it and I'm going to knock out my last 2 pre-reqs which are microbiology and speech. Hopefully I'll get accepted next spring for fall 2013!

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