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Tricia76 has 5 years experience and specializes in CNA.

Married with 2 kids and 1 step child. Oh and my 2 pugs :)

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  1. Tricia76

    I passed!

  2. Tricia76

    hourly wage

    I work night shift and only make $9 an hour.. and I am in Oklahoma.
  3. Tricia76

    Oklahoma City area CNA classes

    I want to be a CNA to but was wondering about the free course to.
  4. Tricia76

    I'm INNNNNNNN!!!!!

    Congrats! :)
  5. Tricia76

    Call light abuse. What to do???

    Oh I have one who does that.. As soon as he sees me walk by he pushes his light.
  6. Tricia76

    A in Chem at midterm A in anatomy at midterm!

  7. I'm gonna be 37 next month and still gotta finish my prerequisites ..and its just what I'll do to get into nursing school..I'm not worried about my age..just the challenge! :)
  8. Tricia76

    Took a Break

    I took a much needed break and I still need to finish my prerequisites but I just cannot focus on my classes. It's like I have this and this and that going on but I so want to be a nurse. I just feel so down at times because I have not become a nurse yet
  9. Tricia76

    Passed the entrance exam!

    Congrats!! :w00t:
  10. Tricia76

    How to deal with unsupportive people.

    Plus I sense a little jealousy here..she may be intimidated by what you are doing..I know sounds crazy but people that didn't get a career have been known to do that. But always know she is your mother and regardless, she does love you. Just keep marching on.
  11. Tricia76

    Taking the TEASV tomorrow! Wish me luck!

  12. Tricia76

    How to deal with unsupportive people.

    I wouldn't say anything back to her and just show her what you can do..then watch her be speechless.
  13. Tricia76

    Rejection hurts

  14. Tricia76

    Advice and info on loans and debt.

    Oh I am in debt like $7,000 so far and I'm not in nursing school yet..ugh..but I gotta do what it takes to get through..can't work because it interferes with my school work.
  15. Tricia76

    With TEAS in Mind, What should be the order of Classes?

    I would take the TEAS after your courses.
  16. Tricia76

    With TEAS in Mind, What should be the order of Classes?

    My school said I have to take chemistry before I can apply to nursing school.