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Married with 2 kids and 1 step child. Oh and my 2 pugs :)

Tricia76's Latest Activity

  1. Tricia76

    Tired of Pre-Reqs

    Just starting pre-reqs..My first day today for Sociology.
  2. Tricia76

    Desperate to be a Labor Nurse

    I also want to do the same but I have a long ways to go..I'm just starting my pre-reqs.
  3. Tricia76

    Neonatal Nursing?

    Thanks! It's gonna be a long road but well worth it!
  4. Tricia76

    Neonatal Nursing?

    Same here!
  5. Tricia76

    dont know what to do now....

    Try again..it will all be worth it in the end
  6. Tricia76

    What classes are you taking in the summer?

    Math Prep and Intro to Sociology
  7. Tricia76


    Well scratch that ..I decided to stay in my own town since gas prices are outrageous..but I really wanted to volunteer there because it's alot bigger than the hospital in my town.
  8. Tricia76


    I have a interview tomorrow at Integris Baptist Medical Center for volunteering..I have never done it before..has anyone volunteered at a hospital? What all did you do?
  9. Tricia76

    Summer school anyone?

    Math Prep and Sociology this summer.
  10. Tricia76

    Anyone going to Redlands Community College?

    Wow thats awesome..I wish I had my prerequisites done so I could be in nursing already.
  11. Tricia76


    Just wanted to say I made it into Redlands Community College for the RN program..but I am starting my Pre-requisites May 31st...so excited!
  12. Tricia76

    Any news from RCC fall 2011?

    Oh yeah cause I thought u meant Redlands Community College :)
  13. Tricia76

    Older Nursing students

    I am 35.I will be 38 when I finish nursing school. I am fixing to start my pre-reqs May 31st.
  14. Tricia76

    Anyone going to Redlands Community College?

    Congrats Chelsea!
  15. Tricia76

    Online Medical Terminology course?

    I'm wondering about it also..I am taking it in the fall.