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Hello. I am new to posting on this forum and I was hoping for some opinions on this topic. I am currently working on taking my prerequisite classes for my Associates, and ran into a huge issue. My school changed the degree name... Read More

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    At my school, the fundamentals chemistry class seems highly geared towards nursing students. Almost daily, there is an example that applies to nursing. One semester is all you need to do well on the teas. If I hadn't already taken a Physics sequence, I would take another semester of chem - because it is helping me understand a lot, and is a great brush up on the basic math needed for the teas as well.
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    Chemistry is extremely important because it lays the foundation for A&P. I can't tell you how grateful I am for taking chem1 and chem2 before taking A&P because when the textbook talks about ATP and ions, you WANT to know what thats about. And you won't know unless you take chemistry.

    Take chemistry!