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My chemistry class is frustrating me to no end. I don't even get why my nursing program requires pre-nursing students to even take chemistry I and II. I've heard it from nurses themselves that... Read More

  1. by   moma8gma1
    I also struggled through Chem, so you're not alone. I enjoyed what I understood, but was frustrated when I couldn't "get it." I felt so stupid, until I realized that my classmates who were earning A's were taking the class for the 2nd or 3rd time!
    ALL of my nurse friends told me to "just get through it," and they insisted they didn't remember a thing from Chem, nor did they ever use it in their jobs.
    Chem WILL come in handy, though, when you're doing A&P.
    A BIG help for me: in addition to the already-mentioned Khan Academy, I loved Chem Guy (aka bananaiscool) on Youtube.
    Good luck!
  2. by   shortnorthstudent
    Chemistry is incredibly important in anatomy and physiology and in nursing school.

    My school required intro to chem organic chem and biochem before even applying to nursing school. I used the biochem every day in physiology and pathophys. So incredibly valuable.
  3. by   Suethestudent
    We are basically a tube surrounded by a variety of complex chemical processes. We have a one unit pH range that we must maintain or we die. We intake and output a vast array of electrolytes and expect it to all balance out. So yeah I think chemistry is important.
  4. by   cgravier
    wow really? this is like asking if we should know numbers to do math.
  5. by   JeanettePNP
    Honestly I'm getting a little tired of the onslaught of posts asking why we need to know this or that to be nurses. Heck, if it's too much trouble for you to learn there are hundreds of nurses ready and fully capable of taking your place.
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  7. by   donnasdean
    Stefanyjoy, Thank you so much for this post. I am currently struggling with my general chemistry class and I am sure that it is because I have a hard time getting uninterrupted study sessions. It is especially hard with a 6 year old at home, other homely responsibilities and a job. I will take your advice and try to find a place away from distractions. Thanks again!
  8. by   donnasdean
    Thanks for Sharing. i have been struggling with my chemistry class and your post gave me some hope. I have excelled in all my pre-requisite courses, but chemistry. It's refreshing and less discouraging to know that I am not the only one that has struggled.
  9. by   beautyandbrains
    I understand your frustrations because I am currently taking Chemistry and it's taken a toll on me. Literally I've spent so many hours on campus with tutors and just doing the problems over and over until they make sense to me. I've also gotten a bad case of Bronchitis, Cold Sore and my face broke out in Acne from the stress. Chemistry is a language that you will have to force yourself to like. It won't be easy but you can do it! Next week is my final and I'm confident I will end up with a B.
  10. by   s2bLuluRN
    I was also one who did not like Chemistry. I had a professor who wasn't all that great at explaining things so I memorized everything I needed to know. Talk about a stressful semester!! This was also a big problem once I had to take a&p and biology because I was expected to know my chemistry. Luckily in Biology I had a great professor that helped me to understand what I had memorized to make sense. I am not a nurse yet so I can't say if chemistry will be needed or not, but it will make the other classes easier to understand. My advise would be to ask for help if you need it and if your professor can't help try a tutor or classmate that knows what they are doing. I also used YouTube to try and understand the math part of chemistry. You will do great!!
  11. by   GinaJo
    This is an ooooolllld thread, ladies.
  12. by   NurseEmmy
    Quote from strawberryluv
    My chemistry class is frustrating me to no end. I don't even get why my nursing program
    requires pre-nursing students to even take chemistry I and II. I've heard it from nurses
    themselves that they don't even use chemistry nor remember it. What is the point
    of learning chemistry? Other people tell me its a "weed out" course which I think is true.
    I am struggling in this course now, my average is a 78%. I think its just going to get worse.
    I am so scared and frustrated because this is the only class I am having a problem with.

    I just think chemistry is so pointless. Who cares about redox reactions or how to draw
    resonating structures.
    I was not a fan of Chemistry either. In fact you won't use prob. 50% of what you learn in that class. However, you will use the other 50% quite a bit, which is why it is important to take it. I struggled in the class, but I passed it and now don't have to worry about taking that class again. If you have to take the TEAS V entrance exam you will find quite a bit of chem on that, so it is helpful for passing that exam as well.
  13. by   AspiringNurseMW
    Ehhh. I'm not a nurse. But I'm a first semester nursing student.

    My nursing program does not require college level chemistry to get into or graduate the nursing program, and I understand why.

    I think all the necessary chemistry knowledge I needed for A&P was outlined in the first chapter in my A&P and my microbiology textbooks.

    I took chemistry 10 years ago in high school , so when I took A&P I invested some quality time with that chapter and I was fine. Do I think I whole semester is necessary no. But as long as you understand the basics and how it relates to physiology I think you'd be fine.