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  1. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    Does anyone know how many alternates are selected?
  2. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    I got selected as an alternate. I got my email about 8:00am Mayo time. My last name starts with C. I would like to be added into a facebook group :)
  3. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    I got a letter askign for transcripts and placement choices. My gpa is not very high though, so I think that could kick me out. I am super excited about making it this far!!!
  4. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    My application says "Application in Review" does anyone else have anything different?
  5. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    I also feel like I am not competitive enough but I am super exicted about the thought. I am not sure there are as many people on this form that said they applied this year!
  6. CNA2day

    Mayo summer three externship 2017

    I just wanted to start a thread for the mayo clinic summer three externship for 2017! Has anyone else applied?
  7. CNA2day

    paying bills while in school

    I am accepted into a nursing program that starts in the fall. However, I have no idea how to pay my monthly bills while I am enrolled. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can't seem to get my bills paid down as things keep happening. I am freaking out about this. Any thoughts would be great!! Thanks
  8. CNA2day

    Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    I would love to know this as well. I am excited for all of you!!
  9. CNA2day

    externship opportunities

    I was wondering if anyone had any info about externships available for nursing students. I saw Mayo clinic has one that is a summer externship. I also wondered if anyone had been accepted to one and what it took to get in and what the experience was like. Thanks guys!
  10. CNA2day

    3 Reasons Your Immune System May Not Help You This Flu Season

    I vote this article of the year! You are spot on! I love that you are spreading awareness, I wish the medical community would realize that diet plays an important role in health. I know some understand, but not enough!
  11. CNA2day

    Need advice about my CNA job :(

    being "only 20" has nothing to do with it, but the mindset might! Don't set yourself up to fail by thinking that you are different from everyone else and someway substandard. I started my cna training when I was 20 and there were many people younger than me there. Just focus on what you need to do and time management and do it... you can't help that people had to wait.. as long as you were trying you were okay. Everyone gets their turn and things do not always go smoothly! That is okay!! Just take a deep breath and go to work tomorrow with a smile on your face and a goal to BRIGHTEN your residents days... the residents that were angry could be feeding off of your stress. Walk in the room if you have been slow, appoligize for the wait and explain that you were trying to get here as fast as possible then drop it and ask them what you can do for them.. SMILE and have a great time. You are providing care to some people that may need a cheerful face as well as help with their ADLS
  12. I would take as many math and science courses as you can in highschool. You need microbiology and Chemistry as well as College algebra and statistics (depending on the school) For my nursing school pre reqs I have college algebra, Speech, microbiology, chemistry, Psychology, Anatomy, physiology(sp)... I think i missed a few but that gives you a good idea. After those classes then you can apply for either a 2 year nursing program or a 4 year nursing program. If you high school offers you to take dual credits with a college for credit I encourage you to do it as it will give you some of the prereqs needed for nursing school. Nursing varies on the payscale but they generally start out at least $20.00/hour and increases substantially with experience. LPN's make quite a bit less and the schooling is not that much less. Also LPN's are not allowed to do as much as RN's and typically are not hired in hospitals. If you are interested when you are looking for a job I would auggest getting a job as a CNA in a nursng home, where you will help residents with their skills of daily living. It will give you a good feel of the medical field.
  13. CNA2day

    Precepting in the ICU

    I am curious to hear the answers in this post... I have no ICU experience and am a cna in a nursing home as of now. I do train the new cna's and I wanted to see if they were the same sort of learning issues. We give 6 days of training and it seems like one in every 7 or so new aides are still clueless after that point. In 7 days it is really not hard to learn to care for approx 25 people(cna duties). The issues I run into seem to be people that either do not pay attention or can not pay attention(not sure which). Some people are just scared to death but some it seems you almost have to FORCE to do a duty... those people do not catch on so fast. The things people have the hardest time with... learning equipment time managment(35 minutes in a total care, comatose residents room is not acceptable when you are just getting them changed and in their chair for dinner!) Knowing what step to take next(even though you do the same sequence of steps with about everyone) obviously the issues wont be the same task, but i am curious to see if they are the same kind of task...
  14. CNA2day

    stressing- how do you pay for nursing school

    thanks for the replies. unfortunately I have to buy that EXACT computer for nursing school or they actually KICK YOU OUT of the program! I also can NOT buy it used as the warranty has to be in my name or they will KICK ME OUT! Isn't that just a ripoff!! Obviously the school is getting some money back on students purchasing these things! I do plan on buying my books online if I can. My school seems to be tricky and somehow gets books printed only for the school... you can not find them anywhere else and the isbn numbers do not match. This year I had to buy a book for $150.00 (speech book). It had to be ordered from the bookstore(it didn't exist anywhere else), when I got it it had my school name printed on the front and was THREE HOLE PUNCHED!! what a ripoff!!! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions... I am still not sure what I will be doing but I am not freaking out as much!
  15. CNA2day

    Young CNA

    in south dakota you only need to be 16!