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  1. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    Does anyone know how many alternates are selected?
  2. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    I got selected as an alternate. I got my email about 8:00am Mayo time. My last name starts with C. I would like to be added into a facebook group :)
  3. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    I got a letter askign for transcripts and placement choices. My gpa is not very high though, so I think that could kick me out. I am super excited about making it this far!!!
  4. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    My application says "Application in Review" does anyone else have anything different?
  5. CNA2day

    Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

    I also feel like I am not competitive enough but I am super exicted about the thought. I am not sure there are as many people on this form that said they applied this year!
  6. CNA2day

    Mayo summer three externship 2017

    I just wanted to start a thread for the mayo clinic summer three externship for 2017! Has anyone else applied?
  7. CNA2day

    paying bills while in school

    I am accepted into a nursing program that starts in the fall. However, I have no idea how to pay my monthly bills while I am enrolled. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can't seem to get my bills paid down as things keep happening. I am freaking out about this. Any thoughts would be great!! Thanks
  8. CNA2day

    3 Reasons Your Immune System May Not Help You This Flu Season

    I vote this article of the year! You are spot on! I love that you are spreading awareness, I wish the medical community would realize that diet plays an important role in health. I know some understand, but not enough!
  9. ew I just think of the nosocomial infections... I know it has been gutted and all but..... ew. Actually the house I grew up in was some sort of hospital back in its day... according to the neighbor.
  10. CNA2day


    you should not say to a resident that you can not change their brief constantly... how would you feel if you had stool on you because you had an issue. I doubt it was something that they wanted to have happen many times a day. your post is confusing. are you saying you did not always give her a clean brief to wear when you cleaned her up?
  11. I am at a loss...Here are the thoughts/questions/concerns that are flying around my head... If anyone has any sugestions please chime in! This is really a disorganized mess, my brain is friend from 12 hours of studying and tests today... it is NOT functioning... I do not qualify for a pell grant as I have my income and my mothers income on my fafsa as I am 23 and they REQUIRE it. my mother does not help me out.But I do not make enough to even make ends meet... i am single living alone with no kids. Thought about getting a roommate but I only have one bedroom! If I wait another year and apply for fall of 2013 I MAY qualify for a pell grant, but I am not sure and no one can tell me what the cut off is. The longer I wait the more time I spend making diddly squat and not working towards my goal of becoming an RN With everything I can get from fafsa(including loans) it comes to about 3,000 a year.... while nursing school tuition itself comes to about 6k with about 2k for the required computer... and approx 400 more for supplies and background tests and such. and according to my advisor about 1200 for books Do I go get a private loan for the rest... how do I know what to borrow.... They do not recommend that you work during nursing school but how do you afford not to? Do people really borrow for ALL of their living expenses also?! who would even give me a loan for that amount.... would I be able to repay it?! I will have to budget for gas, I live an hour from the school and they can send me up to 2 hours away from there for clinicals. How the heck do I make this work! How did you make this work?!?!
  12. You could take my approach and cry like I did the other night... ... but seriously I don't know what to do when you actually cant complete the work load. I worked 4th of July short staffed. I worked on a hall of 25 residents by myself and the night was INSANE. Every resident that wasnt mentally compitent was acting deranged. I honestly cried all the way home and I have not done that in the two years of me working there. I honestly love my job but this last weekend made me want to leave and never come back. I have talked to my supervisor and im sure nothing will change but I felt a little better after I did that. I think maybe taking a deep breath and saying "this to shall pass" is my best bet... I think I will try it myself.
  13. CNA2day

    Back injuries

    that is nuts. Use the lift. Tell the resident you cant lift them as you are hurt... or something. When you are hurt and can not work and are in constant pain no one is going to be there to watch out for yourself you have to watch out for YOU! Be smart. dont pay for it later
  14. CNA2day

    Is this normal for hours?

    i have a 64 hour agreement per payperiod. I am scheduled for 80 and often have OT. Maybe you should ask if that is the case?
  15. AHHH! that sounds like a disaster!!

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