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My semester just started and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. I am currently enrolled in A&P 2, Microbiology, and Inorganic Chemistry. These are my last pre-reqs before applying to nursing school.All the classes meet three hours... Read More

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    It's tough but you can do it. I took charm and a&p I with other classes last semester. I knew it would be hard but I knew if I didn't take them I'd be delayed another year. You can do it as long as you want and are dedicated to finish, I had 14 hrs, 4 kids & worked 50 hrs a week

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    Don't be scared of science! You can do it! It wasn't until this week I discovered a passion for science!
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    Quote from Miiki✿
    It's not insane to take 3 sciences at the same time. Science majors do this + some all the time. A lot of people on this site have become afraid of science so they believe the hype about taking one science at a time, but wonder why they are straight C students in nursing school. Honestly, plenty of student handle this kind of course load or worse, so it's up to you whether you can handle it.

    This, though, is your chance of proving your worthiness for nursing school. Taking studying, focusing, and organization seriously and don't give into burnout. If you barely pass in nursing school, you barely pass. I you barely pass these courses, you can severely hurt your chance of getting into nursing school.

    Pre-med student do it all the time though. They take 3 or 4 sciences most semesters and do well at it.
    I would like to like this at least a dozen times.

    Nursing school is just like taking multiple sciences at one time. Might as well get used to it before you're fighting for survival.

    18 year olds all over the world are taking bio and chem at the same time. We can too! It's not a matter of science being super scary and hard. At about the amount of time you have to dedicate to school (studying anything.) If you have 10 kids under 10, you may not want to take 12 credits at once, but then good luck in nursing school when you have no choice. It doesn't matter if those 12 credits are 3 science courses or 4 History courses. Unless, of course, you are truly terrible at science. But then I'd be concerned about your entry into nursing school, anyway.
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