I am NOT getting MATH!

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    I have gone to all of the sites people have recommended on here but I am STILL not getting it. It is NOT sticking! Can someone please help me!

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    Do you mean Dosage and Calculations?
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    It depends on the type of math. Ask professors for help, practice practice practice is the only thing that has really ever helped me in math. Have you tried any tutoring through your school? It might help.
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    It's for ACT math. I have to pass the ACT with a certain score and the math is the ONLY portion I am having a horrible time with!
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    Which part of the math is giving you a hard time? Are you stuck in pre-algebra or something else? Basic arithmetic you probably have. And multiplication/division even if not memorized you can get with a piece of scratch paper.
    Go to the testing center at the school (or any community college) and they usually have a math tutoring "class" (like an hour or two for free) that is specific to the test you're taking where they go over what you really need to know and they walk you through it.
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    ALL math. I mean of course I know the basics but it's mainly algebra. I would go to the tutoring my school offers, but I work during the time they give it. IDK what else to do.
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    perhaps the ..............for Dummies series? try getting a disc at stapels or where ever...library even.
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    Maybe Khan Academy on youtube?
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    What exactly about algebra are you having trouble with? Quadratic equations? Inequalities? Binomial Distribution? Can you be more specific?
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    Either am I, maybe we can study together. Too bad this site doesn't offer something like a group study time where we could get together and discuss certain questions we have with each other, but maybe that is what the forums are for!

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