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  1. pre-nurseshan

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Winter 2016

    Waitlisted for MICU
  2. pre-nurseshan

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Winter 2016

    lauramrob, I only had an hour and a half to spare! Inwas resigned to just waiting until the next rotation, but the last thing came through! I am passed out. Vandyrn27, thank you so much for your offer! Did you go through the NRP as well?
  3. pre-nurseshan

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Winter 2016

    SICUMINurse, are you coming from MI? If so, what region? I'm from MI originally and have been daydreaming about going back.
  4. pre-nurseshan

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 3

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I graduate in December, and while I didn't expect it, I loved my ICU rotation and I've begun thinking I might want an ICU position after graduation. I'm curious how you're adjusting to your new living situation as well as your new job.
  5. pre-nurseshan

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Winter 2016

    Today's the day - applications are open! I've been looking forward to applying for this program since before I was in nursing school - I can't believe it's finally time to apply, and almost time to graduate! Join me as we go through the nail-biting process of trying to get hired by VUMC!
  6. pre-nurseshan

    Scripting sounds patronizing

    Yikes! The only thing is, scripting and active listening can become second nature, especially when a person is stressed. I can see how the particular script she chose was inappropriate in the context, but maybe that's just the way she talks?
  7. pre-nurseshan

    Genesys regional medical center grand blanc

    Also interested in information about Genesys. I (and I'm sure Erinp517) would love to hear from anyone who works or has worked there.
  8. pre-nurseshan

    Someone got a $25K signing bonus at a hospital in OH?!

    Well, it's reassuring to hear that signing bonuses still exist in some places. I thought they only had those in North Dakota! I'm still pretty skeptical about the details of this story - I asked her to clarify with her source and get back to me. If there's any new information I will definitely let you all know!
  9. pre-nurseshan

    Esme Needs Your Prayers

    Esme, what a scary experience! I'm so glad to hear that you're on the mend! Take good care of yourself and may God bless you!
  10. Surely this can't be true, right?! This was third hand information, but someone just told me a story about selling their house to a new grad nurse in OH who used this supposed $25K signing bonus as a down payment on a house. I was in disbelief, but I thought I'd come check my trusty sources at AN and see if this was a thing.
  11. pre-nurseshan

    Mercy St. Mary's of Grand Rapids, MI "New Grad Action Day"

    Now that I go back and look at the website again, I see that they have an interest in integrative health, which is a passion of mine as well.
  12. pre-nurseshan

    Mercy St. Mary's of Grand Rapids, MI "New Grad Action Day"

    I may be. I currently live in TN, but I am from MI. I'm starting my last semester of my BSN this fall. I have debated moving back home for some time, but it's scary as a new grad nurse to walk away from the place where you've made connections, if you know what I mean. So far, I really enjoyed my critical care rotation in clinicals, and med-surg as well. I think just looking at the hospital website made it seem like a very supportive environment, and of course, who doesn't want to work in a supportive environment, right?
  13. pre-nurseshan

    Mercy St. Mary's of Grand Rapids, MI "New Grad Action Day"

    Ha, now I can't remember if I had any specific questions! How competitive was the application/acceptance process? What is "New Grad Action Day"?
  14. Congratulations! May we all have such a smooth transition out of nursing school! Can I ask, how did you feel about your retention of the program content after you graduated? Did you feel like you remembered all, most, some, almost none of it?
  15. pre-nurseshan

    Mercy St. Mary's of Grand Rapids, MI "New Grad Action Day"

    I know this is an older thread, but I am interested to hear if anything came from this. I was just on the Mercy St. Mary's website, and it looks like a great place to work!
  16. pre-nurseshan

    a simple question about sats.

    Here's a link where GrnTea gives a pretty detailed explanation of this: https://allnurses.com/nursing-student-assistance/spo2-vs-sao2-266863.html