How many textbooks are required for your first semester?

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    I am starting nursing school in the fall and am anxiously awaiting my school's book list to be released. I have heard we need about $1800 worth of textbooks! Has this been anyone else's experience too? And any suggestions, besides Amazon and, on where to get good prices on textbooks? Thanks so much!

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    The website allbookstores has been amazing for me Good luck!
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    I couldn't even tell you. The nursing prohram at my school is ebook-only and everyone gets subscriptions to evolve. We'll be required tohave laptops. The teachers get to pick and choose text from different books for any given class.

    The subscription for the first semester is about $450, but I think it lasts for a whole year. I'm not sure how it works yet though. I'm going to be PO'd if I have to spend $500 a semester on ebooks.
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    Books vary from school to school.

    I purchase my books online thru, so much cheaper! To give you an example, back in '09, I took Chem. The bookstore wanted $129 for the book, I found the same book at NEW for $25! That was with shipping! I am not saying you will see savings like this in all books, but you will def save some money if that is the route you go.
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    Yes, I know you can save quite a bit shopping online. For my two summer courses, my college bookstore wanted over $500, but I was able to get them online, brand-new, for about $260. I will never buy books from the college bookstore - it's a rip-off.

    I realize books vary from school to school. I was just looking for a rough dollar cost if anyone remembers that. Thanks to the people who posted. I appreciate it!
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    My books were around 950 for first semester... but they were for the entire time in the program.

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    I don't think anyone that pays for their books themselves buys them at the school book store. The only people i ever saw in the school book store were scholarship/ financial aid or their parents were footing the bill.
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    My books were around $900 and weighed 50 pounds. lol
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    I havent found out how many books I will be buying for my first semester, but they did tell us it would be $1400, the first semester and $700 the second semester. Im just hoping that all the books from the first year carry over to the second year.
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    My book list isn't out yet so I'm not sure on the costs yet.

    However, I do have a good resource for finding cheaper books. lets you enter the book that you are looking for and it will pull in the results from all the online discount book sellers. I've really saved some good money using it!
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