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How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring. -Sent from my iPhone... Read More

  1. by   cgrant
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    How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring.

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    2 hours a day for 5 days is enough. I studied 2 hours a day and skipped weekends to be with my kids and hubby.. I got an A in both a&p 1&2.
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    10 hours a day? Really? So your life literally revolved around that one class? Hmm...
    Lol. Agreed. That's ridiculous and unnecessary ! It really doesn't take that much for that class
  3. by   MrsStudentNurse
    I took an accelerated 8 week version and studied outside of class (4 hrs-4 days week) probably an average of 4 hrs a day. Got an A but it definitely gave me a run for my money!
  4. by   MyOwnBlueSky
    Chelsea13, great response. I'll remember that for fall semester since I will be taking AP1. I too will be applying to a BSN program in 2014.
  5. by   Kimynurse
    Rule of thumb, 3 hrs per credit of class for study time.

    3 credits -9 hrs
    4 credits 12 hrs

    Give or take

    I did about 10, more before a test
  6. by   malamud69
    Chunks of time(usually in 1-2 hour chunks) At least 2-3 hours a day plus a 98 in 1 and 2. Do not forget at least the same amount for lab! Good Luck.
  7. by   Exhaustipated
    I remember being terrified before A&P I after receiving my welcome e-mail from the department that warned us to count on spending at least 3 hours per day studying outside of class. It also went on to suggest that if we couldn't dedicate that amount of time, we should consider dropping the class and trying again when we had more study time available.

    Actually, part of me was terrified, part of me was dubious. I guess I wanted to believe they were overstating.

    They weren't.

    I spent a minimum of 3 hours per day studying outside of class, for the most part. That included doing the homework and going to Open Lab. Some days saw more study time, some saw less. I should say that not every minute was hardcore studying with me sitting surrounded by my materials and the laptop open and whirring away. Sometimes, it was flipping through flash cards while in the waiting room at the doctor's office. Or filling in lecture notes while in the observation area at my kids' Tae Kwon Do lessons. Or listening to mp3's of lectures during my commute to and from school.

    Out of a possible 1500 points (1350-1500 points being an A), I earned 1503 points overall in A&P I.

    It's kind of like exercise. Small chunks are often easier to fit in and just as, if not sometimes more, effective.
  8. by   thelittledoe
    I took A&P I in a six week session with 4 hours of class 3 times a week. It was ROUGH. I was also working full time. I would say I studied for approximately half an hour each night after class (M, T, W) and then 3-4 hours Thursday, 3-4 hours Friday. Thursday and Friday was what I consider lazy studying (i.e. with the TV on, listening to music, taking frequent breaks, etc.) I would hardcore study for 1-2 hours on Saturday. For weeks that I had midterms and finals I would add an extra hour to each study time. So altogether on non-exam weeks about 8 hours a week. I ended up with an A in the course.

    This was my study plan that I copied from another post I wrote:
    1. Read the chapter BEFORE lecture. Highlight only one main point in each paragraph (otherwise I'd highlight the whole thing)
    2. Make an outline of headlines and definitions.
    3. Make flashcards with the definitions.
    4. Explain every concept to your family. This annoyed my family so much and most of the time they wouldn't listen but it helped to me vocalize and talk myself through it. If you can, do this with a study group instead!
    5. At the end of every test, note which types of questions and which topics your professor is most fond of.
    6. Study these topics like CRAZY for mids and finals.
    7. Good luck and have fun! I loved learning A&P!

    Good luck!
  9. by   zoe92
    I studied 1-2 hours a day. The week before an exam it would become 3 hours a day. But in addition to that I went to Open Lab 2 times/week for 2 hours at a time. I love littledoe's study tips above!
  10. by   Stephalump
    It's been a while , but. Really doubt I studied every day. Maybe an average of 2 hours a day during the week. . Perhaps more if you include any night-before-test cram sessions.
  11. by   Kris10Noel
    I received an A in both A&P I and II. I never had any difficulty with the exams, scored over 90 every time and even a few perfect scores ...and I was never stressed. Here is my studying secret: I would rewrite my notes after lecture. I would do so either immediately following the lecture, or at least try to do it over the weekend for that weeks worth of notes, in order to not get too far behind. Then about 3 days before the exam, I would reread aloud and highlight my rewritten notes. I would then take any practice quizzes or review any additional material. Similarly, I would try to review as little as possible on the day of the exam. This method works wonders for me. Good luck!

    Oh P.S when you're rereading your notes, make up some silly ways to memorize stuff. It works!
  12. by   Alisonisayoshi
    One of my grants requires that I meet with a "study" counselor each semester to determine my needs, set a realistic study schedule, ect for each class. Her advice yesterday on anatomy was to block 1 hour post class to rewrite/reorganize notes, 1 hour in the evening to work on memorization, and one hour each morning to review what I had attempted to memorize the night before. So on class days 3 hours on non class days 2. She said this applied to weekends as well. Her study schedules have worked for me thus far, and I've really only struggled when I didn't listen to her.
  13. by   Nursing2102
    I took A&P 1 over the summer. The class was 5 weeks long, 4 days a week(M-TH). I found myself studying around 3 hours each weekday(M-TH) and like 4 hours on Saturdays. I never really study on Sundays. I got an A.