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How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring. -Sent from my iPhone... Read More

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    And to answer the original question, NO you do not have to study 10 hours a day. That is absurd. An hour or two a day, maybe 10 hours a week, should be a good balance.

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    Go through the book before attending class. Review your notes within few hours after the class. Other than this 5-8 hours/week is enough and make sure that you are covering up the syllabus on weekly basis. All the best.
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    Yeah, 8-10 hours a day seems excessive. I personally wouldn't get anything more out of studying 10 hours than I would 2 hours a day. But that's just me.

    I will suggest not only setting aside time to study but making sure you preview the material before class. Read the chapter you'll be dealing with the next day in class the night before, notice the new terms and get comfortable with the material. This way yu can focus on the details of the lecture and lab vs. getting caught up on trying to learn the big stuff for the first time. After class take 30 minutes to rewrite your notes if your a visual/tactile learner or relisten to the lecture vis tape recorder if you're an auditory learner. By pre viewing and reviewing you're sneaking in extra study time. This way when you have your 2 hour more thorough study session you can use it to focus on memorizing and reinforcing instead of learning it for the first time.

    Hope this helps. I'm taking A&P, Micro, Finite Math, Dev psych and writing for professionals this semester because I know how I study best and have found a way to manage my time, find yours and you can do anything!
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    Quote from MeekaNichole
    How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring.

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    2 hours a day for 5 days is enough. I studied 2 hours a day and skipped weekends to be with my kids and hubby.. I got an A in both a&p 1&2.
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    Quote from x_factor

    10 hours a day? Really? So your life literally revolved around that one class? Hmm...
    Lol. Agreed. That's ridiculous and unnecessary ! It really doesn't take that much for that class
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    I took an accelerated 8 week version and studied outside of class (4 hrs-4 days week) probably an average of 4 hrs a day. Got an A but it definitely gave me a run for my money!
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    Chelsea13, great response. I'll remember that for fall semester since I will be taking AP1. I too will be applying to a BSN program in 2014.
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    Rule of thumb, 3 hrs per credit of class for study time.

    3 credits -9 hrs
    4 credits 12 hrs

    Give or take

    I did about 10, more before a test
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    Chunks of time(usually in 1-2 hour chunks) At least 2-3 hours a day plus a 98 in 1 and 2. Do not forget at least the same amount for lab! Good Luck.
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    I remember being terrified before A&P I after receiving my welcome e-mail from the department that warned us to count on spending at least 3 hours per day studying outside of class. It also went on to suggest that if we couldn't dedicate that amount of time, we should consider dropping the class and trying again when we had more study time available.

    Actually, part of me was terrified, part of me was dubious. I guess I wanted to believe they were overstating.

    They weren't.

    I spent a minimum of 3 hours per day studying outside of class, for the most part. That included doing the homework and going to Open Lab. Some days saw more study time, some saw less. I should say that not every minute was hardcore studying with me sitting surrounded by my materials and the laptop open and whirring away. Sometimes, it was flipping through flash cards while in the waiting room at the doctor's office. Or filling in lecture notes while in the observation area at my kids' Tae Kwon Do lessons. Or listening to mp3's of lectures during my commute to and from school.

    Out of a possible 1500 points (1350-1500 points being an A), I earned 1503 points overall in A&P I.

    It's kind of like exercise. Small chunks are often easier to fit in and just as, if not sometimes more, effective.

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