How many hours do you study for A/P II tests?

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    I am almost embarrassed to admit that I study (in total) an average of 15-20 hours for each A & P II test. Our tests are almost entirely short answer (read: essay) and I just can't make an A with any less studying than that.

    Is this average for y'all or am I doing something way wrong?

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    I found that the more I studied, the worse I seemed to do. I think I figured out that studying a decent amount of time all along is better than trying to get it all done just before a test.
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    When I was in A&P, I did not study specifically for tests, per se. I studied 1-2 hours every day, from the first day of the semester up until the final exam (there were of course times I took a day or 2 off). That prevented me from having to cram before exams, and I seemed to know and retain the information much better.

    15-20 hours is a lot to study, especially if it is 1-2 weeks before the exam. But, like they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." If you are comfortable studying this much and do well on your exams, I don't see that you have any reason to worry about anything. We are all different and thus learn at different speeds.
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    3-4 hours a day. everyday. even if the test was like a month away. it worked for me. so w/e works for u.
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    I rewrite my notes in the form of notecards as soon as possible after lecture. Sometimes that's the next day, sometimes it's three or four days later. But, I keep those notecards with me at all times. When I'm in the pick up lane to pick up DD from preschool, I pull them out. Waiting in line for something? I pull them out. I'd say that I probably study, between lab and lecture about 10 hours per week, spread throughout the week. Sometimes there is a month between tests, sometimes just a few weeks. We have an upcoming test that was about a month apart, but that's because spring break was thrown in there, and yes, I still studied over spring break. So, I guess I study around 30 to 40 hours per test. I don't cram though. I do it slow and steady.
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    Thanks for your responses! Just for reference, I was studying the approximately 20 hours 2-3 days before the exam. It worked, but it's way too stressful. I can honestly say I've never thought about just studying progressively for several weeks prior to the exam, but I'm definitely gonna give it a whirl.
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    i work a parttime job at a car dealership , about 17 hrs a week .......its always dead slow and the fone dont ring much after 5 i study about 17 hrs a week=]

    also, as mentioned above..its a HUGE help to rewrite your notes and study them right after the lecture or sometime before the day ends .
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    Give yourself about three hours for a good headache the evening of the test, then start in with the new material and continue every day until the next exam. See how that method works. I'll bet things improve for you.
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    I start the second I get the material, like the other poster said, even if thet test is a month away, you cannot let stuff sit around in this class. Lots of people drop or fail bc they don't get this and treat A&P like any other class. I have regular quizzes so I'm always reviewing something. I spend at least 2hours a day looking at A&PII, sometimes a lot more - weekends maybe 5 hours a day. So yeah about 20 hours a week for ONE class. It's utterly ridiculous. But I HAVE to get an A. I just cried this morning bc of the stress and a horrible dream that I failed a test.
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    Our school divides A&P into Anatomy and Physiology separately. I received an A in both classes and I studied the entire term for each class. My physiology professor had her lectures online. I downloaded them to my Touch and would watch/listen to them over and over again. Each lecture was about 1/2 hour long and there were usually about 6-8 for each exam. I watched at least 1 hour a day of those each and every day. Plus, I rewrote my notes and otherwise read the materials. So, I put in 1-2 hours per day (probably about 10-12 hours per week) and then right before the exam, I would put in a couple of extra hours in the few days before hand. But, I didn't study at all the day of the exam.

    I did well in both classes and feel like I retained a lot of information.
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