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sserrn has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Emergency, Med/Surg, Vascular Access.

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  1. VA-BC exam study guides?

    Have you worked in the vascular access specialty before? If not, you’re not eligible to sit for the exam. See I have been FT on a VAT since November. Will take the exam this year, either June or December, and I ...
  2. Medication tidbits an ER nurse should always know

    Regarding the dilaudid, which I realize has been beat to death already, forget all the stuff about drug seeking, chronic vs acute pain, getting a high or not getting a high. Shouldn't even be a consideration. Best practice is to push over AT LEAST ...
  3. wasting time?

    Are you an ER nurse, thenursemandy? If so, for how long?
  4. Staffing/Patient Ratios in your ED

    5 pts per nurse
  5. fentanyl as primary post intubation sedation

    Fentanyl can be used for pain management and/or sedation, and is sometimes used in OR for sedation.
  6. Lidocaine with Rocephin?

    I'm surprised that you need an order to mix it with lidocaine at your facility. As to your Q, I've always wondered of it really helps and kind of doubt it, but who knows!
  7. First Job - Not A Great Facility, Take It Or No?

    Sounds like good experience.
  8. Supplies a new grad ER Nurse should carry

    2 pens, badge(s), 'scope, trauma shears. Used to carry more, but really this is all you need on your person imo
  9. Taking the CEN to get hired at a trauma center

    I would take ACLS & PALS instead. The CEN, in my opinion, doesn't mean a whole lot without any experience to back it up.
  10. I couldn't agree more...but policy is policy, unfortunately!
  11. We're required to run everything on a pump, so a simple L bolus takes an hour :-/
  12. Nurses week gifts from employer

    Nothing! :-)
  13. Passed the CEN! Yay! Some thoughts

    I just passed Tuesday for the first time!! Same amount of experience as you! Went to a review class by Mark Boswell in January and also watched Jeff Solheim's review on MedEd (which is where you will find his AWESOME series). I bought the NEW lipp...
  14. Work is Hazardous to My Health

    Uslfyre give me a freakin' break *eye roll* sigh
  15. Work is Hazardous to My Health

    Very entertaining, and some ppl reading this need to take a chill pill! Lol