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  1. jennylouwho

    Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    I'm still at WGU. I've finished five courses, but I'm stuck in biochemistry. At this rate, I'm thinking there is no way for me to pass and am thinking it will be necessary to quit the program. I avoid everyone to stay away from this school because of the disorganized mess that is biochemistry.
  2. I started October 1st. I've completed four classes to date. I spent a three solid weeks on Biochem, and didn't pass my preassessment. In fact, I was more confused after the test than before. They're working on adding additional study questions and cohort videos now, in the mean time, my mentor allowed me to pull up another class on Tuesday and I finished that on Wednesday. She then allowed me to pull up another class, so I'm working through that. When I'm done, I'm hopeful that Biochem is a bit more concise, because right now it's a hot mess. My SM didn't want me to start Biochem until after the changes, likely she was worried that I wouldn't finish before the changeover and would lose all my work. I wish she had left me, but at this point, I'm just plowing forward! I originally had 12 classes to take and I'm down to 8 now. I see no reason why I won't be done in your timeframe, maybe even earlier.
  3. jennylouwho

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    I'm an OB nurse and took the preassessment for COA cold and passed. I only passed by a small margin, so I took the coaching report, refreshed up on the other parts and passed the OA with no problems. I've found the classes to be mainly straightforward, and there are usually cohort videos that you can watch to go along (or instead of) the text. Contract a course mentor. From my understanding, this is one of the easier courses, so perhaps it's a switch to online learning you're struggling with more than the material.
  4. jennylouwho

    Info needed for WGU's RN to BSN program

    So, it will depend on what you transfer in as to what you'll have to complete. I started October 1st and had to take 12 classes. I have finished Stats, Care of the Older Adult and Nutrition and am currently working my way through the new version of biochemistry. So far, it's very doable, although the new version of Biochemistry is confusing. Hopefully they'll get the bugs worked out soon! Some classes are just tests, others are a combination and others are just papers. If you have a test, it's monitored via a webcam (they send to you) to make sure you're not cheating.
  5. jennylouwho

    Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    heartsgal, it's not the entire program, just the biochem class. I found that out online on the FB group (you can get access when you're enrolled and a month before your program starts). My mentor confirmed it for me when I talked with her last week. She wants me to wait until December to take it, but I'm already ready to test out of Care of Older Adult (I have an email in to her since I'm not officially in the class even though that's where she told me to start on 10/1, am a 1/4 of the way through stats, so I'm sure I won't need to wait until December to take the class. She said we would like the change, per the course mentors. Only time will tell. :)
  6. jcnichols - seems we have things in common. :) About the same number to complete and the same start date. I'm ready to finish up Care of the Older Adult, if my mentor can get her act in gear. I have stats and biochemistry to take, my mentor wants me to wait until like December for biochemistry, but my plan was to be done with all four of my classes by then and moving on to something else. :)
  7. jennylouwho

    Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    My start date was October 1, although my mentor hasn't officially enrolled me in classes at this point. She told me to start with Care of Older Adult, so I started there, took the preassessment before studying and got a 68% (66% is the cut score). I brushed up on areas I was weak in and went to retake the preassessment which was when I discovered she hasn't actually enrolled me. I have to take 12 classes. I transferred in 86 credits. I needed stats, biochemistry, nutrition and the nursing courses. My mentor wanted me to wait on biochemistry, but I'm getting nervous. It changes soon to a test, rather than projects. Seems it was time consuming, although easy, come November, we will have no idea what it will be like.
  8. jennylouwho

    New grad tips on getting a job in Cleveland area.

    I started at EMH (now UH Elyria) as a new grad. One thing to keep in mind is you usually train on days.
  9. jennylouwho

    job market for new grads-Cleveland

    Check everywhere, even the smaller community hospitals. I precepted at one and got a job - with my ADN, the pay isn't less than that of the clinic, but I don't have to drive and pay parking, and it's way less than a dollar per hour difference. :)
  10. I graduated in may with an associates and am working in a hospital. I'm in Lorain County.
  11. I'm a new grad and get 16 weeks, another experienced nurse is getting the same. We are a ldrp unit so we learn it all, I won't have to scrub or do scn initially.
  12. jennylouwho


    I'm in Lorain County, graduated in May, took boards in August and started working in September. I was fortunate! I'm not making what the clinic pays, but I live four blocks from the hospital I work at and don't pay for parking and it's close! Many of my friends are having trouble, but are staying positive and bing aggressive, some are looking in all surrounding counties - are you wiling to do that? There are places in cuyahoga county too - Parma isn't part of another system yet are they?
  13. jennylouwho

    RN IBCLC advice

    I was an IBCLC and just recently finished nursing school and passed NCLEX. I did pathway 3. :)
  14. Rumors abound that grads of other programs have already tested and I'm still waiting to get my ATT number. The OBN has had our stuff for three weeks and says they'll need another two weeks (according to my friend who got through - I just keep getting the "high call volume" message). So, when did your school send in your stuff? Did they - or did you have to send in your completion info? We were told to background check, send in app back in April, pay pearsonvue, etc. LCCC sent the info to the state and the state received it all on 6/21. It's been three weeks and they say another two weeks. So, I sort of want to see what the norm is. I think the school took entirely too long and now we're at the bottom of the list.
  15. jennylouwho

    IBCLC jobs in Cleveland?

    Since I'm an IBCLC and just graduated I will tell you that in this area, you need your RN. It's possible, if every star aligns to get a job without, but not easy. My friend did it, but she did her mentorship at that hospital and one of the IBCLCs was going on medical leave. Most hospitals in NEO have dedicated IBCLCs. There are also nurses with IBCLC, but working as a staff nurse. Good luck. :)
  16. jennylouwho

    LCCC starting clinicals in Spring 14..anyone else?

    I will be there in the afternoon session on Wed for the portion where you get to ask other students/new grads questions. :)