How to learn A&P I in a week or less... (I've really messed things up)

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    I was sooo excited to get a spot in the Jan. nursing class.
    However before I can start I have to pass A&P I with a "C" or better.
    Normally that wouldnt be a problem -but life has been anything but normal here lately.
    I could go on and on about how my husband has decided he wanted to be 20 yo again instead of 37, have a midlife crisis, live a party lifestyle and become an addict again. I could tell you about how many times over the past year he's totally ripped my heart to shreds and stomped on it, how cold-hearted he's been and irresponsible.
    How when given the ultimatum - me and the children or your buddies and partying, he didnt choose us.
    How I've been almost suicidal and beyond depressed and anxiety filled...
    But, I won't go on and on....LOL.

    Truth be told, I've let all of this life drama get in my way and interfere with my studies (I'm finishing up my 3rd semester of pre-reqs now) and I've 99.9% sure that I've screwed myself out of my nursing class spot.

    I've gotten too far behind in my A&P class. In the next week I have one quiz, lecture exam 4, last lab exam and the comprehensive final.
    Right now my grade is a terrible 76% (should be at least a very high B!!)
    I have not learned anything that is on these exams yet. The lab exam is Thurday evening. The quiz and lec exam 4 if this weekend and our final is Tuesday evening.

    I just dont see any possible way to learn 4-5 chapters between 2 classes in this amount of time. Its an enormous amount of info - I'm still shakey on lots of stuff before this material!!

    I am SO angry and disappointed with myself.
    I sit down and try to study but I can't focus, I'm not retaining anything.
    The schools tutoring is a joke - a couple of grouchy people in the open lab who dont want to be there and definately dont want to be tutoring others.

    So, in approx. 18 mos I would have been a nurse, now who knows when I'll get in again if I can't miraculously somehow get a C in this class.
    Thing is, is that with my marriage so on the rocks, I was really, reallly needing this opportunity to better myself so I could be pretty much self-sufficient and raise my children alone if need be.

    My husband is very disappointed in me - but refuses to take any responsibility for his part in my non-ability to do well due to how insane our lives have gotten. He just shrugs and says - "well, if you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to pass." Well....hmmm....probably would if I could focus and concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know why I'm even posting this, feels good to vent and whine and have a pity party, I guess. Maybe I am just making excuses....
    I really need some major motivation to study my butt off for the next week around the clock - but at this point its looking pretty darn hopeless and I just am so discouraged and want to say to heck with it all and give up.

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    I'm sorry that you are having such are hard time right now and that DH isn't helping out. Going to school is hard enough....but having problems in life can make it even harder. About studying for your upcoming test, have you tried to make note cards. I do that and then try to look over them every second I can. Just writing out the note cards can help. Some of them I do just as definitions (with a word on one side and the definition on the other) and some I do as questions. I also practice spelling the words out since the teacher does a fill in the blank part of the test and he takes off for spelling. Good luck with your test and your DH!
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I want you to pick yourself up and not give up. You have 7 children remember that are looking up to you. Yes you can learn all you need to learn IF you tell yourself you can. If you have to study for 8 hours straight DO IT! You only have ONE hurdle in between you and nursing school--A&P. Do you have notes? Study just those then. Order these The anatomy videos will help you and they are not boring--they are actually quite funny! You are not failing yet, so pull it together and go for it. I'm going through the same thing with my husband except he isn't here at all. I have to learn calculus and pass with a C before January and I'm not gonna let that stop me. I'm saying all this because I may not know you, but if you've raised seven children, I know you can do anything. If you need help getting the videos, I don't mind footing the bill or sending you mine--just don't YOU give up on you. I'll be praying for you.

    Oh and a study tip---get online and type in searches of all the subjects covered and just start reading, take online quizzes, etc.
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    Does your textbook have a website? Most do nowadays. And some teachers will pull questions from there b/c not all the students utilize that resource. That will work wonders for your studies. Read the chapters! All of them. Even if you only retain a little bit of the info, at least some of it will stick. Do the review at the end of the chapters. These usually cover what the internet quizes from the textbook don't. Learn to drink coffe if you don't and I know you'll be able to do this! I know cramming isn't the way to learn but, I wouldn't call that much reading cramming. After it's all over, you'll have time to go back to your book and really look through it. Read through all your notes. Don't try to understand it right now, just learn it. You can understand it later. As far as I can remember, A&P I was mostly the anatomy part, with the heart too. I wish you luck! You can do it. All you need are C's too maintain your grade and that spot in the program. We're rootin" for ya!


    PS: If he's not lifting you up then he's pulling you down, you don't need that right now. He's an adult and your his wife not his mother. If he's got better things to do, let him do them on his own. You have more important things to worry about. Do you want to put up with this while your in school for the next 18 months? Good luck.
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    Quote from suzi_h

    PS: If he's not lifting you up then he's pulling you down, you don't need that right now. He's an adult and your his wife not his mother. If he's got better things to do, let him do them on his own. You have more important things to worry about. Do you want to put up with this while your in school for the next 18 months? Good luck.
    :yeahthat: You definately don't need a lot of discord while you are in the program.
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    Which parts of the body are you studying right now? There are some really good websites that have self-study review questions on the muscles and skeletal systems. I also found that the CD that was included with my book had some really good review info too.

    I've found that making up my own flash cards really helped me. If that's not feasible for you why don't you type up your notes and read them out loud while you're doing it. That may sound kinda dumb but somehow it helps get it into my head especially when I'm having trouble focusing.

    Most importantly stop beating yourself up about what you should have done. That's in the past and it's time to move on. Think about what you can do and how far you've come. You can do this!!!!

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    I am sorry about your dh and the problems. Don't give up, I am sure you can bring that grade up to passing. Give it your best and you will succeed. Best of luck to you.


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    I'm sorry for all of the things that you've been forced to endure. I do hope that things get better for you and I'm sure that you can pull your grade up to at least C. You just need to be patient and apply yourself over the next few hours and days. Granted you might not ace the test but you CAN still pass. I think the tips that everyone has given can help you in many ways, reading the material out loud also helps. Maybe you can meet up with the teacher before the exam and get some extra help in with them. I just wish you the best of luck.
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    Let me get this straight.

    You're the mother of seven children, obviously without a lot of emotional support from your husband, and you think A&P I is hard?!


    You need to realize that your nursing dream is like having a new baby. Take it one step at a time. Stay awake with it. Feed it. Change it. Walk the halls with it. You know the drill. If you want to keep your nursing dream alive, you have to take care of it almost constantly for the next couple of years.

    Would a disagreement with your husband keep you from feeding and caring your kids? No, I thought not. Well, a lot of us liken nursing school to having a baby for the amount of time, energy, and commitment it takes, and having been through it myself, I have to admit I agree.


    Now hit the books. Paste up charts on the walls and the fridge, have the kids help by drawing pictures of bones and anatomical planes. Get tracing paper and a coloring book, and make cutouts and memorize as much as you can, because basically anyone with a good memory can pass A&P I.

    We believe in you! You can do it!
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    When I have to cram and know I can't learn it all, I forget the stuff that I cant understand, and learn the rest well enough to be able to answer those questions.
    Refuse to spend anymore energy on him, and release that energy to be focused on YOU. (I know, eaiser said than done). You are going to have to just be OK with being miserable for a few weeks. You are obviously already miserable, so focus that misery on yourself. You choose.

    If you don't change anything, everything stays as it is. How does that sound?
    Study hard, study smart, believe in yourself, cause I'm sure your children believe in you.

    Pray to the Lord, release your fear, and step out with Faith.


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