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  1. lexcourben

    Alot of SATA on my NCLEX

    Just found out I PASSED!!!! Woo hoo! I'm an RN. Thanks for all the kind words. Sandy
  2. lexcourben

    Alot of SATA on my NCLEX

    I took the NCLEX yesterday and it shut off at 75 questions. The waiting is killing me. I got quite a few SATA (select all that apply) and alot of priority questions. I had one math question that I'm not sure if I got right or not. I just want to know now whether I passed. I keep going back and forth between feeling good and feeling bad. Just put me out of my misery already!!!
  3. lexcourben


    CONGRATULATIONS, Kaley!!!! Sandy
  4. lexcourben

    Internship/residency search for new grad

    What area are you interested in? They have several speciality areas open so I think it depends on where you want to go. Some positions have been filled and others they're still doing interviews. They usually do a phone interview first to see where you want to go and find out your gpa. You can also give them a call to see what's the status of your application. Everyone I've spoken to in the HR dept has been very nice and helpful. HTH and good luck.
  5. lexcourben


    Hi Sandy, If it's financially feasible I would only work part time at the most. Even that was difficult for me to do though. I worked 2 days a week at the beginning of the program but had to take a leave of absence for the last two semesters. It's pretty intense especially the first and last semester so be prepared. It's an interesting journey with lots of highs and lows but it'll be worth it in the end. Good luck.
  6. lexcourben

    All nurses: Social work or RN?

    I have a Bachelor's in Social Work and have gone back to school to get my ADN. I have found there are more opportunities as an RN than as a social worker. While there are some good social work jobs some of them require a Master's in Social Work. I also think it would be easier to change specialties as an RN than as a social worker. That's just my $.02 though.
  7. lexcourben

    who regulates adult day care?

    Depends on what state you're in. In Texas it's the state Dept of Family and Protective Services. I'm sure your state has a similar dept. Check out your state's website for their Dept of Social and Health Services. Or you could try doing a google search for adult day care and your state. HTH, Lexcourben
  8. lexcourben


    I'll send out prayers and passing vibes your way that day. Have you started your internship yet? You were going to Our Childrens' House at Baylor, right?
  9. Hi Polska, Have you tried El Centro? Their calendar lists several dates for the NET but I don't know if they're paper tests. El Centro Calendar You might also want to look at Grayson Community College. They're about an hour north of Dallas and they still use the NET for their LVN program. Grayson LVN Program Those are the only 2 schools I can think of that still offer the NET. Good luck.
  10. lexcourben

    Any Brookhaven CC students?

    No definite numbers but it was between 100 and 150 applicants for the Summer '07. I was talking to the secretary the other day and she said there were around 230 applicants this time around. I had heard there were around 400 applications but Ann said she didn't get that many. How many points did you have if you don't mind me asking?
  11. lexcourben


    The admission process has changed so the number of points for our class may not really help you but I believe it was 14 points. The top 60 students were selected for interviews then the faculty selected 40 students based on those interviews. I believe this time there will be no interviews just the top 40 students will be selected based on their points. Good luck.
  12. lexcourben

    Best Nursing Book Bag

    I started out with a backpack but then we started using more of our books during lecture and skills class. I ended up getting a rolling scrapbook tote. It has lots of pockets and I can adjust the dividers inside as needed. The bonus was getting it for 40% off at Michael's using their coupon.
  13. lexcourben

    Drop-out percnetage

    I think you're right on Gauge. Some volunteer experience in a hospital or having to become a CNA would give potential students a chance to see if they were really cut out for nursing. This is especially true since nurses need to have skills like patience and empathy that can't be objectively assessed. Ultimately, I think it needs to be a combination of objective (grades, entrance exams, etc.) along with the subjective (personality, temperament, etc). Regardless, a 25% retention rate is something that should be looked at by the administration. That is a pitifully low number that means something isn't right.
  14. lexcourben


    RHD, Medical City, Med. Center of Plano and a couple of other places I can't think of right now.
  15. lexcourben


    Have fun with the bed baths.
  16. lexcourben

    help! trying to get PCT or Nurse Extern job

    I started out as a volunteer at the hospital I'm at and eventually was able to get a FT position as a unit secretary. I didn't have any other hospital experience but it helped me get my foot in the door. I only had to do it once a week for 4 hours. They were pretty flexible and allowed me to work around my schedule.