How do you make it through the sciences?

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    I have hated science since I was in elementary school, and I have never been good at it! Starting my nursing pre-reqs soon, there is no way around them! How do you make it through the classes without getting discouraged?

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    I was not a strong science student throughout high school and disliked it a lot. I took the minimum I had to take to graduate. I had a significant break (YEARS) after high school before starting chemistry and biology in college, but it all kind of clicked and I actually ended up liking a lot of it. In fact, if you give me a choice between English, SS, math or science, I would probably take a science class now. I ended up making an A in all my science classes except A&P2 (a B). Give it a chance and don't let your previous experience taint your opinion just yet.
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    Back when I was young and stupid, I often got through a class as opposed to understanding the material. I put a lot of things in short term memory, passed some of the tests based on test taking skills rather than understanding the material, and so on.

    Now that I'm a little less stupid and not so young, I take classes with the premise that I can thoroughly understand this stuff now and have it later (or have it later with just a little review) or I spend a lot of time relearning it later - perhaps in the middle of nursing classes which are notoriously difficult.

    Sometimes, I know I won't really need something later. Then I motivate myself with the premise that the more you learn the easier it is to learn. I might not need that specific thing later but I will need to know how to learn similar types of material. Or, I may not need to know the ins and outs of something later but a basic understanding of it will allow me to properly understand references to it.

    Sometimes, I just have to use a few mantras. Or talk to a friend who will remind me what my goal is and not to let this sideline me.

    Sometimes, I have to stop thinking about what I feel about the class or the material or similar classes in the past and just get through the next test or chapter or concept.
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    I was terrified to take any science courses. Being an English major with a perfect 4.0, the thought of a possible B made me tremble. Obviously, I switched to nursing. After the first week of A&P I, my first science course since 10th grade - a million years ago, I decided I would not be intimidated. First, I read the text book and reread things I did not understand, sentence by sentence if I had to, until it clicked. After the first test, I got together with another pre-nursing student and, basically, taught her the entire class! I now LOVE science and I am more excited about a semester than I have ever been. In the fall, I am taking A&P II, Chem, Pub. Speaking, and lifespan psych.

    I think once you give it a chance and make the decision that you can do it, you will excel.

    Also, I ended the semester with a 91.5% in A&P. At my school, a 91% in an A; so, I barely made it Good luck to you!!
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    Do you still hate science?

    Nursing is a lot of science.
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    I was not keen on science in high school or my first round of college - but going back I find it extremely facinating. I did have to supplement my micro class with extra readings on my own as some of the concepts were a bit vague and I needed to freshen up on my knowledge. Just plan for lots of extra reading time and you will be fine.
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    Healthcare is science-based. This is like an English major hating to read.... don't get it.
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    I stopped looking at it as all the sciences I had take. I started looking at the class that was directly in front of me and the homework/tests I had to attend to that day. I checked off the days I completed on the syllabus and before I knew it, the end of the semester was at hand. IOW, I didn't allow myself to get overwhelmed, for instance, that I had to take A&P I and II. I dealt with an assignment or subtopic at a time and applied myself to it. That's what got me through. And I got an A in both classes/labs. If I were to think of all that is ahead of me and how was I going to do it, I'd probably would psyche myself right out of it.
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    I hated science until I got to my junior year in high school. I took a molecular biology class and just fell in love with it. I think trying to like it and overcoming anxiety about science classes helped me get through them. I'm in the final stretch... just two more weeks and I'm home free.
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    Nursing is a lot of science, and not just during school. I was intimidated by all of the science classes at first but also knew that I loved science and would enjoy learning more. If you really hate science that much maybe you should really think about if nursing is for you. There is a reason I did not choose a major in history or english.
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