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    After this semester, I just have physiology left! So far, I think Micro is the hardest too! It doesn't help that everyone else in my class seems to have already completed A&P prior to taking this class, so I feel really behind.. even though a lot of other people have told me that the two subjects are very unrelated.

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    The fact that Anatomy is almost purely memorization is exactly why I think it's the easiest! haha
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    For me, it was A&P. My speech class was very difficult for me, too, but that's because I hate public speaking situations.
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    Anatomy. Flat memorization is not my strong point. I don't know if I would have passed if I hadn't taken Physiology first.
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    I guess maybe I'm pretty lucky but so far so good. I have Micro and Phys left so I may change my tune this fall!
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    MICROBIOLOGY !!! For sure for me...
    Chemistry wasn't a walk in the park, but Micro kicked my @$$

    to address a previous posters' question - Micro was so much more difficult than AP for me because - our exams would cover on average 4 chapters each (sometimes 5) whereas typically AP was only 1 at a time, sometimes 2, and if it did cover 2 chapters - they were at least related.
    Of course that being said, my AP2 exam next 3 covers 3 chapters.... so let the fun begin.
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    Oh lucky, our A&P exams typically cover 3-4 chapters. It's SO much information!
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    I'm finding Microbiology a walk in the park. I slept through half of my psychology class and got an A. I hate math but college algebra is going fine for me. In my A&P class, the exams are all fill in the blank and cover 4-5 chapters per exam. I love A&P, it's just tons of memorization, so that's why I rank it as my hardest/most challenging class.
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