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  1. MissyBee4983

    Hospice to Med Surg

    No advice but I too went into LTC straight out of school because I was already employed there as an aide. I'm now ready to move on to a hospital position and have an interview at a hospital on Friday. I interviewed there back in October and got an offer but I wasn't in a position at that time to work swing shifts.... I'm prepared now to work the required shifts and looking forward to a change!!
  2. MissyBee4983

    First week of Nursing School

    We've got this guys! I finished my first four day week this morning. We have lecture Mondays, Nutrition and Lab Tuesdays and Clinicals Wednesday and Thursday. It's overwhelming but SO exciting too!!
  3. MissyBee4983

    Death at Clinical

    I work as a CNA in a nursing home and was in the room for one death so far. It is sad, in my case the resident was in a lot of pain so it was pretty much a blessing. I'm sure we will see a lot of death throughout our careers!
  4. MissyBee4983

    Straight to RN/BSN anyone?

    Yes it's nice that I will be able to get my license halfway through! So excited to get started! Monday is orientation/registration.
  5. MissyBee4983

    Straight to RN/BSN anyone?

    Hi everyone! I was accepted to a program that is straight to RN (AS) in 3 semesters, followed by 3 more semesters to a BSN. Is anyone else doing a similar program?
  6. MissyBee4983

    I got in!

    It really does!
  7. MissyBee4983

    I got in!

    Thanks again everyone! It is a smaller community college, so that has something to do with the smaller number as well. But I'm still thrilled I made it!
  8. MissyBee4983

    I got in!

    This is the first semester of their new BSN program so they are starting small. Normal number accepted per semester is 26. But yes, pretty competitive this semester! Thanks!
  9. MissyBee4983

    I got in!

    This will be the first semester of a new program which offers a bachelors degree. They only accepted 16 students!
  10. MissyBee4983

    I got in!

    My acceptance letter came today! I only applied to the school I'm attending since it was the most convenient and my grades are good. I start in the fall! Can't wait!!!
  11. MissyBee4983

    anyone still waiting?

    I will turn in a application to start the program in the fall as soon as I go back for spring semester on January 13. Then I have wait for February or March to hear back....
  12. MissyBee4983

    Entry level hospital jobs???

    I got the position I applied for at the hospital! They called me on Monday to offer it to me!!!
  13. MissyBee4983

    Spring 2014

    I'm taking my last three pre-reqs: Microbiology, Statistics and Ethics. Hoping to start the program next fall! I will turn in my application this week and should hear back by February sometime. I was able to maintain my 4.0 again this last semester.
  14. MissyBee4983

    Entry level hospital jobs???

    You can definitely still take the CNA class. I didn't take it right away. I just had my second interview at a large local hospital last Friday as a patient care assistant. Hoping to get good news tomorrow that I have the job! I have been working as a CNA at a nursing home for 10 months, my hospital interviewer did say she liked that I had experience. Good luck!
  15. That exact scenario was on Grey's Anatomy......