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  1. vitiana

    Boston College ASN-DNP

    Hello, I'm in the process of applying to BC and I thought it will be a great idea to create a thread to keep each other informed about admission decisions. I was quite surprise they require the DNP for NP students as from this fall 2019 but I still applied
  2. Hello I'm in the process of applying to BC and I thought it will be a great idea to create a thread to keep each other informed about admission decisions.
  3. vitiana

    Curry College ACCEL Spring 2018

    Hello y'all I finally submitted my application, I received an email stating that my GPA will be available within an hour on NursingCAS but I was unable to locate it. Anxiously waiting here.
  4. vitiana

    RN-PMHNP without BSN

    Hello AN, Anyone took this route? How long was the program? How did you like the school? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello AN, To those who submitted their applications, Who's anxiously waiting like me ? Anyone going through the program now?
  6. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Hello AN, Who's anxiously waiting like me? Who attended the program during weekdays evenings 2:30-10:30?
  7. vitiana

    Hostpitals no longer hiring for ADN?

    HopefulRN'17 Please where did you go for your ASN ? I live in MA too
  8. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN

    Did you specifically applied for the weekend only or applied to both weekdays or weekends to keep your options open? Did have all the recommended courses completed ? ie: History /government, Computer Sciences and Microbiology,ENG 102. Did you only do the nursing classes during the bridge program or you also did the non nursing classes and was comfortable working 40hrs /week? I will send you a PM as well please :)
  9. vitiana

    Quincy college nursing spring 2017

    @dmg121976 hello what campus are you attending please? How is the bridge program going?
  10. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN

    Hello, looking for students who completed the LPN-RN program at Quincy , I was curious about student to instructors ratio, clinical sites, overall insights about the program... Any comments/ advices will be welcome !
  11. vitiana

    Bhcc altern nursing progrm '17

    hello please is the alternative program an LPN-RN bridge program?
  12. vitiana

    LPN to RN at Quincy College

    Hello, did you ended up going to Quincy LPN-RN program?
  13. Hello everybody! I'm applying at Curry ACCEL program but I encounter some littles issues on NursingCAS. Any one submitted his Curry application already? Thanks in advance:)
  14. Hello , It seems to be hard to get admitted or even apply to other nursing without a letter of good standing from your previous nursing program. For those who couldn't make it on first trial where did you end up at? I also have a non nursing Bachelor I could use for an affordable ABSN of 12 months , any pointers? Looking to move down in the South but will take all advices. Any fast track LPN-BSN are also welcome if they are willing to give out second chances. Thanks, Desperate LPN
  15. Any pointers are welcome !! :)
  16. Hello AN, I will like to move out of state (with a preference of heading South: LA, AZ,TX,OK,CO) and I'm looking for affordable ABSN programs for non residents or for states which consider 6 months of residency to charge you the in state tuition. Preference for 12 months programs also. Thank you in advance.

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