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  1. Hello I'm in the process of applying to BC and I thought it will be a great idea to create a thread to keep each other informed about admission decisions.
  2. vitiana

    Boston College BSN-DNP Fall 2019

    I really dont know. I will be done with my application soon. Just waiting on my professional letter of recommendation. I will not be in your cohort as I'm a ASN soon to be graduate (May 2019) . From other posts it's like 6-8 weeks after deadline. I'm also very excited !!! Dis you applied somewhere else?
  3. vitiana

    Boston College ASN-DNP

    Hello, I'm in the process of applying to BC and I thought it will be a great idea to create a thread to keep each other informed about admission decisions. I was quite surprise they require the DNP for NP students as from this fall 2019 but I still applied
  4. vitiana

    Regis & OSU PMHNP programs

    Im also interested into ADN to MS - PMHNP. Monmouth university has a bridge program but requires one year of experience .
  5. vitiana

    Boston College Direct Entry MSN 2019

    Please what was your personal statement length? 1 page or 2 pages? Thanks in advance. How many pages did anyone submitted? I dont want to write too much.
  6. vitiana

    St Joseph School of Nursing

    Any went or going to St Joseph School of Nursing for LPN-RN classes please? I will like to know if its possible to live in MA ( Lowell, Dracut, Tyngsboro area) and commute to Nashua. Are all classes held on Nashua Campus? Is TOEFL still compulsory if you took some college english classes ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello I'm interested into North Shore CC in Danvers,MA. I will like to get apply to their LPN-RN program, just need some insights about their nursing program if there is a waiting list. Where are the clinical sites. Any inputs from previous students will be really appreciate , thanks in advance !
  8. Hello, Im an RN student applying for NP program for next fall 2017, and I know a lot of students take Advanced pathophysiology as a prerequisite in the RN-NP bridge program. I will like to take pathophysiology this semester as we dont have any clinicals until the 2nd semester and I have some downtime because I already did microbiology that most of my peers take now. I guess by taking this extra class it will ease my advanced pathophysiology learning experience? My question is : Do BSN students have a pathophysiology class? Is there any RNs who did find going from their ASN program to advanced patho ? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it !
  9. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Hello AN, Who's anxiously waiting like me? Who attended the program during weekdays evenings 2:30-10:30?
  10. vitiana

    QCC Nursing Program ... Help Please!

    hello, how did the program go for you? is the NLN PAX the same as the teas test?
  11. vitiana

    Hiring at Major Hospitals (non accredited program grads)

    DO you mean the Laboure College? Its hard to get a job as a new grad BSN I ant imagine as a new grad ASN. Im an LPN working in a North Shore hospital already, good luck !
  12. vitiana

    Lawrence Memorial Nursing school

    Im sorry I cant bring in any pointers, that school is so expensive I cant even afford to apply there, i think I saw like $10k / semester? With no kids and still single Im ready to relocate in the south or wherever school is affordable with my current savings Good luck to you !
  13. vitiana

    Quincy college

    what pre requisite do you still need to take please?
  14. where do you go for NP school? What specialty please? is it online or hybrid?
  15. vitiana

    12 months ABSN program

    Do any one know of a 12 months ABSN programs that are still taking applications please?
  16. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Quincy campus , weekdays
  17. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Congrats on getting in! That was so fast ! I like schools that don't give you anxiety for months ! Will you be going for weekdays in Quincy? I'm not home until tomorrow so I don't know yet ...
  18. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Do you live in the Boston area? I live in Worcester and wonder if the mail maybe delayed .... Did you have all your recommended classes? Congrats on getting in , I can't wait to find out . I'm working 3pm-7am , won't find out until tomorrow morning ...
  19. vitiana

    Starting pay

    LPN here making $25/hr as a per diem nurse in a psych hospital, $3 hr diferential on 3-11 and $4 differential on 11-7
  20. vitiana

    Psych Mental Health NP- Competitive?

    I was under the impression that psychiatrists are in demand compared to PMHNP.
  21. vitiana

    Quincy college

    I didnt even know they have a waitlist at QC.....
  22. vitiana

    Any Graduates From Regis College NP Program

    Hello AScola, are you doing the online program or on campus? Please let me know how you like it ...
  23. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    hello LPNMama13 , i havent heard anything yet but i also saw that they usually reply to applicants by email according to previous posts about QC. What campus did you all applied to? weekdays or weekends? Does anyone knows anyone attending their program now? I'm planning on taking ENG102, computer science during summer 2
  24. vitiana

    Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017

    hello bennik12 i saw on their website that they are affiliated with Umass Boston for the RN-BSN route its that what you are referring to?
  25. vitiana

    Rivier University

    @nightnurse279 please did you started the PMHNP at River with a BSN or ADN ? Is with the BSN -SAVON that takes 3 years please?