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North Shore Community College

Hello I'm interested into North Shore CC in Danvers,MA.

I will like to get apply to their LPN-RN program, just need some insights about their nursing program if there is a waiting list. Where are the clinical sites. Any inputs from previous students will be really appreciate , thanks in advance !


Specializes in Ambulatory Case Management, Clinic, Psychiatry.

I went to nscc for their rn program almost 10 yrs ago and know ppl who are still in the program. Clinical sites include/have included beverly hospital, salem hospital, union (although they are closing soon so maybe not any more), kindred in beverly. all care vna, lynn community health center for community nursing. tewksbury state for psych. There was a waitlist for the rn program at the time. check out their website

Anyone on waiting list to north shore community college fall 2018


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