GPA determination for nursing program

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    When you were accepted into the nursing program were only the nursing prerequisites used in determining your GPA or all college courses ever taken?
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    I'm sure it depends on the program you're applying to. I'd check the program websites or call an academic advisor!
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    Definitely check with the program. Most look at both prereq and overall GPA.
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    My school required a 2.8 overall GPA and a 3.0 in specific pre reqs (a & p 1 & 2, microbiology, nutrition, chemistry, college algebra, statistics, introduction English & genetics). But it varies every program. I would call the school.
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    depends. mine used both overall and prereq GPA
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    Mine uses 4 classes that are given points, and then an adjusted scorre from your TEAS IV test. Highest scores go.
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    My school uses your overall GPA and then looks at your science GPA separately. Overall, best GPA's get in. The school I am applying to is VERY competitive and if you don't have at least a 3.6 (overall & science) you won't even be considered :/

    I am hoping to get accepted in February for the fall 2014 class!
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    At my school, they solely base acceptance on cumulative GPA.
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    My school only uses prereq GPA. Thank goodness because I wouldn't even qualify with my 2.3 cumulative GPA.
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    I am applying to a community college that only looks at 13 credits and a TEAS Test. The program is a AS-RN program. I already have a B.S. in exercise science, however the 13 credits they are looking I have a gpa of 2.92 and they require a 3.0 . I am a little nervous. . will they still look at my application ?

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