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  1. 40 years and over?!

    Just start taking classes. Start with one and see how you do and how many you can handle going forward. I went all year round and did a mix of online and traditional classes. The online classes offer more flexibility but usually take more work. I'd a...
  2. Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring in office

    I've just used one as a patient and no it was covered by my employer's insurance, but don't know it they typically are. I used it several years ago when I was pregnant to insure my pump's basal rates were on track. The needle was big and sort of angl...
  3. Is it legal to give a friend insulin before meals?

    He should be giving his own injections and managing his own care. I'm guessing the mom is just reassured that you'll be there for backup in case he needs help. Talk specifics with her. It's stressful for parents of diabetic kids to find daycare or...
  4. Hypoglycemia

    Steve- I apologize for taking a while to reply. It's not worth switching meters if the patient has to pay more to use the meter that's compatible with the pump. The truth is, syncing the meter and pump mostly benefits the CDE and physician. It has ...
  5. Help!

    Heather gave good advice. You are smart to take your prereqs at the community college where classes are less expensive. Research which classes you need to apply to the community college and the BSN programs at the universities in your area. Then s...
  6. Starting Insulin Pump

    That's a great point delphine22. The best carb counting resource is the Calorie King Guide to Calories, Fat and Carbohydrates. There is a book you can find at Walmart or most bookstores for less than $10 or if you can get an app version of it. It's ...
  7. Hypoglycemia

    SteveDE makes a great point about meter accuracy. The current meter accuracy standard is: "FDA’s standard for glucose meters is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirement of 95% of results within ± 20% for glucose values &...
  8. Acceptance Letters

    Were you told you were on the waitlist? Meet or at least have a phone interview with an academic advisor there and learn about their schedule and when waitlisted people are contactacted. Also have your file evaluated to see how close you are to elig...
  9. Hypoglycemia

    I think this is on the edge of possibility. Back when I had hypoglycemia unwareness, I could have extreme lows and still function. The current meters just read Low below 20 now (I think), but they used to give lower readings. I remember one time havi...
  10. Considering a move to CA

    Since the house in CA is available anytime you want it, make sure your husband has a job and you are accepted into nursing school before you make the move. If it's meant to be, you will both find something.
  11. Pre-Nursing to BSN Acceptance rates Bethel Nursing School

    Like RunBaby said, you need to call the school you're interested in and get information. Every school has a minimum GPA but that doesn't really matter as much as what the school tells you about the class of students they most recently admitted. They ...
  12. Please help with general school question

    Before applying to a program you should ask what their NCLEX pass rate is. It should be at least 95% or higher because that shows they are training nurses capable of passing the national certification exam. Also call some hospital HR departments and ...
  13. For giggles 2.7 GPA

    You have to post all of the classes you've taken at every college you've attended.
  14. wait list

    Do you know why you were on the waitlist? If it's because you had prerequisites in progress, then make sure to notify the school of your final grades. If you aren't sure then make an appointment to meet (or at least talk on the phone) with an advis...
  15. Help!

    In my area the masters programs require you to have a current nursing license to apply. I think you'd have a hard time find a job with and MSN but no nursing experience.