Chemistry requirement on it's way out?

  1. So...I've been desperately trying to get into a Chemistry class for Spring- it's one of the last ones I need before I can start applying. I'm in Orlando, FL, and I just noticed something- Valencia doesn't require Chemistry, Seminole State doesn't require Chemistry, and now UCF's ABSN says that you can substitute other "life" sciences for Chemistry! Am I nuts or has it always been this way?? Because I have memorized these pre-reqs for the past 2 years and I KNOW Chemistry was always required everywhere! Anyone else notice the disappearing Chem. requirement at other schools?

    Leave it to me to pick the one program that still wants the dang class.
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  3. by   mangopeach
    My school does not require Chem as a pre-req - BUT there's a catch - Chem is a pre-req for A&P so there's really no way around doing it here. Its not calculated in your pre-req GPA though.
  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    I'm in CO and the University I am applying to has not only Chem as a pre-req but Biochem as well. And, another U in the state that did not have Chem as pre-req last year, has just added it to their pre-req list. It totally depends on the school.
  5. by   CNM2B201?
    Its not a nursing pre req but it is a pre req for micro at my school.
  6. by   strawberryluv
    Chemistry is a pre-req at my school. I have heard that it is important for when I take pharmacology as a 3rd year nursing student. :/. If your school requires it then take it. I don't see why the requirement from other schools on whether or not to take chemistry concerns you. Work with what your school requires.
  7. by   Anne36
    Chemistry is a pre-req at my school. It is actually one of the pre-reqs that will be accepted from the correct level high school chemistry class.
  8. by   bhanson
    Interesting. I'm not sure how you would understand electrolytes, synapses, nephrons, or nutrition without having at least taken an entry level chemistry class. All of the concepts would be very foreign.
  9. by   Streamline2010
    Most college programs that don't require it have buried it in the college entrance requirement, as part of the high school college prep classes. If you don't have sufficient HS college training or grade, you probably have to repeat it in college. The general college chemistry lab, I don't see as being of great importance to nursing, aside from the safety training you'll get. But most high school & college chem labs are run so lax in safety compared to chemical industry practices that I am surprised there aren't more students injured or killed in them.

    You can get a chemistry book, a Cliff's Notes chem book, and teach yourself. Then CLEP out. If the school doesn't require "with a lab" CLEP should work.
  10. by   lifelearningrn
    I've managed to get through general bio 1 and 2, AP1, and nutrition without a chem class. I'm taking it in the spring though.. a little backwards, I know.

    I don't think a full on chemistry class is absolutely necessary for success in these classes, but it probably doesn't hurt.