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My chemistry class is frustrating me to no end. I don't even get why my nursing program requires pre-nursing students to even take chemistry I and II. I've heard it from nurses themselves that they don't even use chemistry... Read More

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    I'm taking Chemistry now but in my state none of the ADN programs even require Chemistry. I am definitely overwhelmed by it. The concepts I'm good with but the calculations are killing me. I'm hoping to get caught up and get a better handle on it over the Thanksgiving break. If I'm still lost, I'll consider tutoring. I found some websites and even phone apps that are helpful. Try googling Khan Academy Chemistry. Hope it's helpful knowing your not alone. Many people and I'm sure great nurses struggle with Chemistry. Good luck!

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    I don't know how important chemistry is in nursing, as I am not in nursing school YET! However, I am taking chemistry right now and it is really tough. We have a terrible instructor and everyone in the class is struggling. I had an A until last week's test, which brought me down to a B. I have the final to take on Monday and if I nail that I might get an A. It is so frustrating. I actually like chemistry a lot. It is a lot of hard work, but is pretty cool. I wish I had a different instructor and it would be even better. Just wanted to say I am sorry you are struggling. It is tough...believe me I know. You can do it. I FINALLY have all of the math stuff down, so that is half the battle I think. Good luck!
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    I haven't taken chem since I was in 10th grade, and I'm in my first year of nursing school and doing just fine!

    I definitely don't think that you need it for nursing...

    And a lot of chem in A&P?? Not the classes I took!
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    I also struggled through Chem, so you're not alone. I enjoyed what I understood, but was frustrated when I couldn't "get it." I felt so stupid, until I realized that my classmates who were earning A's were taking the class for the 2nd or 3rd time!
    ALL of my nurse friends told me to "just get through it," and they insisted they didn't remember a thing from Chem, nor did they ever use it in their jobs.
    Chem WILL come in handy, though, when you're doing A&P.
    A BIG help for me: in addition to the already-mentioned Khan Academy, I loved Chem Guy (aka bananaiscool) on Youtube.
    Good luck!
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    Chemistry is incredibly important in anatomy and physiology and in nursing school.

    My school required intro to chem organic chem and biochem before even applying to nursing school. I used the biochem every day in physiology and pathophys. So incredibly valuable.
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    We are basically a tube surrounded by a variety of complex chemical processes. We have a one unit pH range that we must maintain or we die. We intake and output a vast array of electrolytes and expect it to all balance out. So yeah I think chemistry is important.
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    wow really? this is like asking if we should know numbers to do math.
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    Honestly I'm getting a little tired of the onslaught of posts asking why we need to know this or that to be nurses. Heck, if it's too much trouble for you to learn there are hundreds of nurses ready and fully capable of taking your place.
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