Bodies Exhibit....have you been?

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    Wow Wow Wow......did I mention WOW?

    I was fortunate enough to go a few days ago while we were on vacation! It was so super cool, I am not in A&P yet, but I know it will definately help and I'd like to go back either during or after I do take A&P just to understand even more! I saw so many amazing body parts and diseases...I even got to touch a real lung and liver!!!!!!!

    Has anyone else been?

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    YES!! Saw in it Milwaukee a few years ago. LOVED it!
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    I am trying to get my classmates together now to go. I was scared at first but it seems as if you guys loved it. So I am going to go myself.
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    I saw it in London (or maybe one like it?) about ten years ago. AMAZING. Really solidified my interest in medicine and set me on the path to NS. If you haven't seen it, RUN, don't ramen for a week so you can buy a whatever you need to in order to see this.
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    I went about 5 years ago and I have been dying to go again. My friends & family were too "grossed out" to go so I went by myself and I found myself talking to many strangers about everything. Now that I have taken A & P I think it would be even more interesting!
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    I went almost four years ago, a month before I started nursing school. It was an eye opening experience and I had really enjoyed it. Definitely made me more hyped up for nursing school!
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    I would really LOVE to go.
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    I went a few years ago, and it was fascinating! It was before I'd decided I wanted to be a nurse, so I'm sure I would love it even more now.

    I also had an awesome A & P professor who got us into the Anatomy Gifts Registry lab, where people donate their bodies to science. Got to see all kinds of interesting stuff, from what's "normal" to some very interesting pathologies. Had to hold myself back from telling my somewhat squeamish BF and his family all about it at dinner the next day!
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    It came to a city near me. I was interested but did some research on it. The bodies come from China and I know too much about their record on human rights issues and on the other types of rights (there is probably a name for this but I can't think of it) - the types that give you confidence that things came from and/or how they say they do... similar to respect for copywrites. So I didn't go.
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    I've been a couple times. Once to the first one when it was traveling and recently saw 3 at the Luxor in Vegas. It was interesting. It got light headed with a few things, but still enjoyed it

    I will say that once was enough. Seeing a different exhibit didn't seem much different than seeing the same one twice.

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