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  1. LadyLeo75

    Chancellor learning

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any recent information on Chancellor learning systems I recently enrolled and I am struggling with study the first study guide on my own. Any ideas would help a great deal.
  2. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Gm ladies, it's almost here. Yes we are in for a wild ride but it's gonna be fun. We are gonna laugh with each other we gonna cry with each other we are also gonna graduate with each other. See you all Thursday
  3. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Hey girlie yes we will. @PennyMT
  4. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Hey ladies exactly 2 weeks from today we will all be starting our journey through the pn program. Wish everyone the best. Happy studying.
  5. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    The first lab is around the third week of the month.
  6. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Hey ladies here is the calendar they give out, this one is from last year.
  7. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    PennyMT I will get with you and bring the syllabus from last year so you have an idea of what to expect. And a review sheet from the first correlate exam we have.
  8. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Ok yes I definitely need a study partner. They mail out classes soon. After the second registration which is next week i am going. Let's hope we together, but if not its ok because both classes do the same exact work and take the same quizzes on the same days .
  9. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    PennyMT Hello I am ready also I have registration next week because I missed the June registration. I have a littman classic II stethoscope. PM our info so we can get together. Excited and nervous at time.
  10. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Hello ladies we are so much closer to starting our journey and Nursing students. Just wanted to wish everyone a blessed rest of the summer, enjoy it because 9/3 it all gets REAL. We will be just fine. I have all my supples and I am ready to go. Study groups are great if anyone wants to get in one let's form it early and start early. If not good luck either way we gonna be great. See everyone in September.
  11. LadyLeo75

    Ocvts orientation material

    Hey FutureNursePenny did they give you a calendar for 2015-2016 school year?
  12. LadyLeo75

    middlesex county vo tech lpn program.

    Just wondering if you took your test and got accepted into middlesex county vo tech
  13. LadyLeo75

    How long is your program?

    My program is 10 months September to June graduate in July
  14. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    @CNAAJ I am repeating the program and I have all the orientation information I went to a private orientation at he school already. All My health information is in background check complete and my CPR is complete so I am not missing out on anything. Thanks for being concerned though.
  15. LadyLeo75

    September classes

    Hey ladies orientation is coming close. I won't be attending but I can't wait to meet everyone on the first day. Let me know how it goes. @PennyMT
  16. LadyLeo75

    start lpn class in fall

    I am looking for a part time night program where is this one at?

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