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Hello all. I'm curious as to whether there are any new nursing students out there who are over 40. I find myself, a retired police officer (who has also has worked on and off as a CNA since 1990)... Read More

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    I became a LPN at 40, I'm 43 and started RN school today!!!!!!

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    I am 52 years young LPN with 4 grown-ups, my oldest is 30, and the youngest is 19 and we are all in college. I just made appointment to see an advisor for their BSN program starting in May. Age means nothing to me, even if I had the idea of quitting, my kids are watching and cheering me on so that is not an option. I am exhilarated to actually start and look forward to meeting the challenges that nursing school can bring. Best of luck to all, it can be done.
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    Well, 45 (46 next month) and still working on prereqs. Physiology, microbiology and statistics left to go-so two more sememsters after this one. I will be working on my BSN. It is a 3 year program after prereqs met. That will proabably make me 50 when I finish up. My husband is much older than I am and I did the math...he will easily be working to 70 and that would give me 20 years of work. I am energetic, fit and healthy and NO ONE believes I am my age. I would like to go into advance practice nursing of some kind later. I figure we are never done learning and growing so why not make what we learn something important rather than trivial knowledge off a TV program or sports. Glad there are other "over 40's" here. I know I did not miss the boat and my chances are not gone.
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    42 here. I'm not alone in my school either. At least half of us are over 30, with a few in their 50s. Almost everyone has children. Not everyone knows what they want to be by 18. Some, like me, got it wrong the first time. Go for it!
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    38 here, just retired from the Army and starting a second-degree BSN this May. I'll be 40 when I graduate. We can do this!
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    I am 35, I have a 15 year old, 3 year old and a 3 month old and I'm currently enrolled in chemistry as of today, praise God! I was on the waiting list and finally got in today after this class, i have 3 more classes, Anatomy, physiology and micro. I plan on applying to my adn program in September of this year. I should be done when I'm 38
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    32, married with 3 kids (ages 8, 3, and 2) and currently work f/t in another field. I want to enroll in nursing school by 2015 so I will be about 35 years old then and kids will all be school aged. I actually was a certified CNA back in HS but never used it but I wasn't ready for nursing then. Now I feel I am.
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    Count me in at 46! Trying to wrap up the remaining sciences for the nursing program... You are in good company!
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    Good day, Kerri:

    I'm going to be 50 this year; and just applied to nursing school after spending 17.5 years managing a small business (most of my knowledge is in business management and IT).

    I was blessed this past week being able to talk to two other students who are in their 3rd semester at the school for which I applied; both of them were past 40 (one just turned 52 late last year).

    Don't let age be a factor. You can do it.

    Thank you.
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    Good morning,

    I am 35 years old and spent the last 17 years in dentistry. I will be finished with all non nursing classes in August and will begin to apply to programs. After long and careful thought between hygiene, imaging, or nursing..... my wonderful husband opened my eyes to nursing. (He is a paramedic)

    Never let age get in the way, it is just a number!!!

    Good luck and take care!

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