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  1. melc0305

    Question about weekend schedules

    Edited because I meant to post this as a reply to the comment asking why 3 in a row was so hard if I got the rest of the week off... The Fri and Sat count as one pay period, the Sunday goes on the next. So I work the F/S/S and then get 2 days off, but then work 2 more.
  2. melc0305

    Question about weekend schedules

    Don't get me wrong - I expected weekend and holiday work when I became a nurse. At my current job, I work every other weekend, Fri/Sat/Sun. The 3 shifts in a row are hard enough, let alone them being my entire weekend every other one. I'm usually there between 13-14 hours (again, I know that's often the case with a nursing job). I'm just wondering how often others have to work over the weekends? I just found out 2 of my friends that work in hospitals and only have to work 2 weekend days per month. I like my job but the schedule is difficult. Just looking to see if this is the norm or not. Thanks
  3. melc0305

    Help with interview at residential treatment

    Just an update - I got offered the job! The group interview was weird. There were 5 applicants and 2 interviewers. Both interviewers were nurses, not HR. I felt like with that format, I didn't have enough time to really "sell myself" but apparently I did well. I'm excited to get a job so quickly as a new grad, and days at that.
  4. melc0305

    Last semester! Advice needed, please!

    It sounds like you've done well so far so keep doing what you've been doing. I'm about to start my last semester too, graduating in May. I have Critical Care with clinical and Professional Development 3, then Role Transition clinicals. My motto is "finish strong". I just keep reminding myself how much time and effort I've put in so far. Not sure what your Critical Care textbook is, but a lot of my fellow students have recommended getting "Critical Care Made Incredibly Easy" as a supplement. Good luck! You got this!
  5. melc0305

    KAT Testing at Lewis University

    Sent you a pm love.live.laugh
  6. melc0305

    KAT Testing at Lewis University

    Sorry this is a bit late, but hopefully it can still help you. I attend Lewis U's accelerated nursing program. The Kaplan test is 4 sections - math, reading, science, and reading/writing comprehension. Lewis only takes your math and reading section grades into account. So you take the entire test, but they only base admission on the math and reading section. When I took it, I had not taken any science pre-reqs and scored a 25% on the science section! Dismal, but I still got in based on a high reading and math score. I think the score had to be in the upper 70s in those 2 sections. I got the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams guide to study. I think it helped to know what the basic format would be, and to refresh basic math. There was a lot of fractions, decimals, conversions on the test. I took this about a year and a half ago, so double check it's still the same. Once you've taken and passed the test, they work with you to determine what pre-req classes you still need. You need to pass those with a C or better to get into the nursing program. Good luck!
  7. melc0305

    Oldest in cohort...feeling out of place

    Good point Chicagoboy...I'm sure in a few weeks, I'll have much bigger things to stress about! Thanks for the replies - this site always helps!
  8. I know there are a lot of threads on allnurses regarding age and "it's never too late" etc. I think that is why I assumed it would be no big deal going back to school at age 40, into an ABSN program where everyone is at least old enough to have one degree. Today was orientation and out of the 32 in our cohort, I was the oldest. I got excited because there was a lady close to my age, but one of the students just brought her mom with her! lol. I just felt out of place and was really doubting myself. I can't imagine having much in common with most of these students, let alone fitting into a study group or a group project with them. I was just bummed by the orientation and wish I could be more excited about my decision.
  9. melc0305

    simchart Anyone used it yet?

    My school uses it too. I start the class that uses it on Thursday. Doesn't sound too encouraging!
  10. melc0305

    Financial stress!!! GRRR

    Sorry...I hate that! I am just starting my program and class starts next week. We were given a list of things we needed (scrubs, bp cuff). When I got my syllabus for one of the classes, I found out a laptop was required! Ugh. Sounds like you've already gotten good advice - build a bigger buffer next time. Guess your hair will have to wait...bummer.
  11. melc0305

    Lewis University in Illinois

    When I took it, they only looked at the math and reading section scores. So unless they've changed that in the past year, you should be good! Trust me, I got a 25% on the science section as I had not taken any pre-reqs at the time. And I'm in the program now, so they won't hold it against you!
  12. I'm in a BSN program and it is not required.
  13. melc0305

    Last week of pre-reqs!

    I have my Chemistry final tonight and my AP 2 lecture and lab finals on Saturday. Then I'm DONE with pre-reqs! I start my program this summer.
  14. melc0305

    Kaplan Entrance Exam Question

    Math isn't my strong point either and I passed. The review book is actually good for the math section. I remember it had a lot of fractions - know how to add, subtract, mult, and divide fractions. Also know how to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa. We were allowed to use the calculator on the computer so it really wasn't too bad. Good luck!
  15. melc0305

    Kaplan Entrance Exam Question

    I did take the Kaplan test, and yes, you could go back and review the reading passage as you answered questions. It is timed, though, so you can't take forever going back and finding things, but I don't remember it being a problem. Good luck!
  16. melc0305

    Where to take A&P????

    Sorry it's a little late. I'm accepted into Lewis U's ABSN program and I took AP at Waubonsee CC. It's accepted from there. Personally I would just take it where it's closest, cheapest, and accepted at the most places. It's a difficult class regardless.