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Starting a second-degree BSN in May 2013. Pray for me.

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  1. armygirl2013

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    Ortho Med-Surg here! More med-surg than ortho. First job and I really, really enjoy it so far. Awesome team of nurses and a great preceptor. I'm never bored for sure!
  2. armygirl2013

    Major Dilemma

    Thank you all. I DID go ahead and drop off my application today. But, thinking over it more, I decided that if they do indeed call me, I may inquire about a substitute nurse position instead if available. That way, I can continue gaining experience at the hospital but would be able to fill in at the schools when needed since my hospital gig is part-time. Wishful thinking for the best of both worlds? Maybe. But you never know unless you ask, right? Where I am at the school nurse position requires one year of experience but a BSN can "sub" for that experience. I do have some experience. Not nursing specific, but I was military healthcare for 20 years. I've had to manage clinics, staff and patients. I think I would be great at working independently and making decisions, but could definitely use some assessment/implementation time in the hospital.
  3. armygirl2013

    Major Dilemma

    Thank you both. I honestly didn't think about PRN for the hospital job...I think that's the route I'll try. It's the guilt that's getting me! Even though I KNOW in my heart we are all replaceable and they (the hospital) really won't give a hoot what I do as there will always be someone else to take my place. Job loyalty and I haven't even started yet! But, my angst doesn't matter yet unless I'm offered the school nurse position...I'll be dropping off my application tomorrow...wish me luck!
  4. armygirl2013

    Major Dilemma

    Okay, requesting some honest opinions here. I graduated in May with my BSN. At the end of March, one of the major hospital systems here had a hiring event. I was offered a part time, day shift position on an adult Ortho Med-Surg unit. Not a bad deal at all. I accepted the offer, but don't start orientation until June 15th. Here's my dilemma...my heart is in school nursing. Really. There were no openings when I was looking for jobs so I figured okay, I'll work some Med Surg and maybe next year something will open. Well, there were just three openings for school health nurses in my county (should be noted the hospital job is an hour away). The school health nurse jobs close on the 12th. No chance of an interview before the 15th. No guarantee I would GET the school health job if I apply. But a decent chance. So my question is, should I withdraw my hospital job acceptance and apply for the school nurse position with no guarantee of getting it, or apply for the school nurse position and still attend the hospital orientation with the chance of *gulp* quitting during orientation? I just don't know. I have a strong work ethic (thank you Army career!) and the idea of quitting something so soon after starting makes me sick to my stomach. But I would MUCH rather be a school health nurse if given the option. Advice?
  5. armygirl2013

    You just can't make "This Stuff" up.....

    Thank you for your service my friend! I too served as a Medic, for 20 years and 3 months. In 11 days I will walk the stage for my BSN!
  6. armygirl2013

    Have you ever puked/fainted/etc at work?

    Haven't fainted...but came close to vomiting. I was a student and was tasked with suctioning a new trach. Sure!!! I didn't realize it would be so...juicy. And stringy. And...MOIST. And so difficult to get out. I dry heaved behind my mask several times. Thankfully the pt kept his eyes closed! I also couldn't eat eggs for about 6 months as we all know raw egg white looks just like trach phlegm. *urp*
  7. armygirl2013

    Jobs in Louisville/Elizabethtown

    Have you tried Hardin Memorial? I stalk their job listings just for giggles (I haven't graduated yet) and there are always RN announcements. Also try http://www.indeed.com.
  8. armygirl2013

    Prerequisites for Bellarmines Accelerated Nursing

    I believe Excelsior College has an online nutrition course. I did mine through Touro when they were accredited, but I think they may have lost accreditation. My undergrad is with Excelsior as well as the pre-reqs I was missing and Bellarmine accepted it all.
  9. armygirl2013

    ASN vs. 2nd Degree BSN at Bellarmine/Spalding/Ivy Tech

    I too am currently in the two year accelerated program, but I started off in the one year and switched for personal reasons. You may contact me as well for any advice/suggestions @kseitz02@bellarmine.edu.
  10. armygirl2013

    My nursing school story

    Thank you for your service ORnurse! I too, just retired as an Army medic in December of last year. Started a second degree BSN in May of this year and I'll be done in May of '15. I'm so glad to see it worked out for another vet!!!
  11. armygirl2013

    Human Patient Simulators

    Totally agree with GrnTea. I am in an accel program, right now in our second "session." We are giving up a clinical day to have a sim lab "experience." I asked my clinical instructor why the school feels this is beneficial, when we are already doing clinical in the hospitals with actual patients. She actually got quite irritated with me and snapped off that it's "statistically proven" that students who spend a lot of time in the sim lab do "better" and that "most schools are going to cut down on actual clinical time in favor of sim lab." Thank God I'll be graduated before that happens. It's just not the same, no matter how high speed the mannequins are.
  12. armygirl2013

    LPN in the Army at my age

    Everything in the Army is waiverable, even age. At the height of the wars we were bringing in just about anyone with a pulse. The problem now is the Army is downsizing, so waivers will be slim. Best advice is talk to a recruiter as needs seem to change almost daily! Good luck!
  13. armygirl2013

    Best WHITE scrub suggestions?

    Hi all, Starting school this May. Our uniform for clinicals is solid white scrubs. Yup, all white. I already understand the value of nude undies, but would love some suggestions on scrub brands that may be better than others when it comes to the see-through factor! No one needs to see my hiney.
  14. armygirl2013

    I'm getting terminated from my first nursing job

    But they do it on Grey's Anatomy all the tiiiiiiiiime! *snicker* Sorry I have nothing substantial to add, just good luck.
  15. armygirl2013

    Any Other Mid-Life Students?

    38 here, just retired from the Army and starting a second-degree BSN this May. I'll be 40 when I graduate. We can do this!
  16. armygirl2013

    Nursing uniforms for military nurses