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ACCEPTED into my nursing program!

  1. 7 It's been a long time waiting but I finally received my acceptance letter into my nursing program for fall 2014. This was my second time applying and after retaking the 2 courses (patho and micro) that I needed I'm in. For the year that I waited to reapply I also completed my nutrition minor. I am so happy that I finally made it As well as being one of the 24 students that were accepted this school year
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    Congratulations! *Happy Dance*
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    I hope that I will be soon in your position

    Good luck in nursing school
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    Congrats!!! LOVE the nurse cake btw... Lol.

    I just took my PAX-RN and finished my application last week. Hope to be able to post with you soon.

    Congrats again on your achievement! Keep on pushing forward
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    Congratulations! Hope you can bask in the glow. You earned it!
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    Congratulations on your accomplishment!! Good luck to you.
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    Perseverance is its own reward. Congratulations.