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    Hello All and Merry Christmas! I went through the motions at my local cc to begin my journey to MSN from LPN when I received devastating news.....I DONT QUALIFY for pell grants AND my student loan app was DENIED! So, now Im at a loss at what to do to at least get my ADN. With regular monthly bills, I don't think that I can afford the monthly payment that tcn has for my bsn let alone the fees to test, nor do I think I can afford ec on monthly basis. In all fairness, I must say that idk if there is a monthly maintenance fee with ec but I am aware that the tests are at least 100.00 or more per test. I live in Atlanta, GA so there might be a little drama with ec, the state, and the 350 hours of extra clinical time required; which you have to find and set up yourself. With all this said.....does anyone have any good advice on what to do? I've been a LTC LPN for 7 years and Im ready for more respesct, opportunities, responsibility, and money.

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    Perhaps look into obtaining private student loans from originators such as Sallie Mae, Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and so forth.
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    Did you fill out FAFSA? I'm having a hard time understanding how you are unable to qualify for federal loans. Did you meet with someone in the community college's financial aid office? Is the school accredited and are you looking at a degree-granting program (ADN?) I would try again and make sure your filling out the application correctly and doing all the right steps before giving up on Direct Loans.
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    I live in Southern California & went through the same thing. I was shocked to find out that making $20 per hr is too much for a 1 income household to qualify for financial assistance or pell grants for school & no they don't consider any bills you may have. Forget my rent but I have an LVN student loan & bills that have to be paid. After getting denied after completing my FAFSA, I had to go in to the financial aid office at the community college I go to & speak with a financial aid counselor. She helped me & got a student loan denial to be reversed. I now qualify for student loans but at least it's something to help. Talk to a financial aid counselor & who cares if you get a student loan that has to be repaid as an education is worth more than anything.
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    You (the OP) referred to tcn. If this references The College Network, please check out:

    I hear people liking TCN because they offer a payment plan, but it still doesn't change the fact that Excelsior LPN to RN can be done completely without them. TCN is a great way to add several thousand dollars to the expense.
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    Sorry to be thick here, but what is " that idk if there is a monthly maintenance fee with ec"?
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    Yes, I did get the information directly from the financial aid office but, over the phone. I was so stunned, I didn't even ask what should I do next. I haven't had the time to go to the financial aid office in person to speak to a counselor for direction. As far as tcn goes, I had a rep come by the house a few months back for the isu program but hadn't made a decision. What I do know is a monthly payment of 140/mo plus testing fees cant fit into my budget if I reeeeaaaallllly tried. BTW, IDK is short for I don't know!
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    I guess ec isn't going to be an option. I just looked at the requirements for the state of Georgia; there's a preceptorship of approximately 350 hours that has to be completed that has to be completed prior to participating in the cpne from my understanding since I haven't worked in a ltac or "acute" setting but mentions long term care facilities which has me confused at this point. I know that the preceptorship has been an issue for some because it is difficult to find facilities to agree to you being in their facility plus, the board doesn't help guide you in the right direction on where you can obtain the hours needed. Can someone from ga chime in please! Im frustrated and need help. I wanna go to school!
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    What is "TCN"? What is "EC"?

    Talk to the top person in financial aid. Speak with more than one school. Good luck.
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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    What is "TCN"? What is "EC"?

    Talk to the top person in financial aid. Speak with more than one school. Good luck.
    TCN = The College Network (a publishing company that sells study materials for distance-based schools such as Indiana State and Excelsior College).

    EC = Excelsior College (a distance-based school that offers distance-based nursing programs).

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