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Right now I am working as a CNA in home health and I hate it! I love the work but I hate the driving around numerous times in one day. I would rather commute once and be done with it! I am thinking of volunteering at a hospital... Read More

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    I was a volunteer at the hospital I now work at. I got to know the staff really well and one of the nurse practitioners put in a good word for me so I'm pretty sure that was the reason why I got the job.

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    Maybe, maybe not. I am an EMT and I have several years of volunteer experience (a summer on a med/surg wing in high school, 1.5 years in spiritual care at a different hospital, 1.5 years and counting in the ED at a level 1 trauma center, and 6 months and counting as a volunteer event-based EMT for the Red Cross.) I've been applying for ER tech jobs for over a year at several different hospitals and haven't gotten an interview yet, but I keep trying. Good luck!

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