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  1. Summers_Off

    Student Helpers

    What about changing your bulletin board? Posting health and nutrition facts in the bathrooms?
  2. Summers_Off

    Getting out just in time!

    That's not a guarantee. I had a student come in complaining of ear pain. No fever. Tympanic membrane looked fine. Sent student back. Called Mom just to inform and she decided to pick up student. Turns out LD was complaining about a scratch behind her ear. Mom sent an email to the principal complaining about my assessment skills and questioning my judgement.
  3. Summers_Off

    Peanut allergy issue

    My kid has a dairy allergy. I don't think requesting a dairy free elementary school would go over very well at all! 😆
  4. Summers_Off

    How to get into MS from Psych? Killer Resume?

    I hope you have found something by now, but honestly, in my opinion the resume is mostly a formality. Getting a job is more about who you know than what you know. Yes, I am fairly new to nursing, but in my short time in this industry I have not seen anything that has changed my mind about this. Network, network, network.
  5. Summers_Off

    New Grad Med Surg Nurse Freaking Out!

    Wow, this is SO helpful!
  6. Summers_Off

    Best training ground for PICU wannabe

    Thanks for all the advice. And even though I truly, deep down didn't think it would happen to me for a handful of reasons, the new grad market claimed me too. I had big dreams, but my eyes are wide open. Neither opportunity (peds or nicu) presented itself to me and I accepted a position I was offered in adult med-surg. The one thing I did NOT want to do with my nursing degree. But I am giving it 100% and, surprisingly, I enjoy it even though it's in a speciality I have zero interest in. I just enjoy being a nurse at this point. No experience is wasted (especially as a new grad). My new plan (I always have a plan lol) is to begin looking for a peds med-surg spot in a year. My road to PICU will have to have an extra stop or two (if an adult cardiac opportunity arises, I would jump on that too), but the dream remains! Again, thank you all for helping me!
  7. Summers_Off

    Expiration date on RN license

    It has to do with your birthday month, I believe. The same thing happened with me & a classmate.
  8. Summers_Off

    1st post and 5th week of nursing school. HELP!

    I think you've gotten lots of great responses. I just wanted to second that the Ackley nursing diagnosis handbook is one of the best ones out there. I love it.... well, as much as you can love a care plan book . Good luck in school! It's been an awesome experience for me.... so far at least.
  9. Summers_Off

    Discrimination Against Ethnic/Minority Names

    :w00t: Ha, ha, ha Misstgo keep it 100! I was very intentional in choosing my son's name. No mid-name apostrophes, no random capital letters, and nothing ending in 'quon' for goodness sakes! As much as it pained me, I even went with a traditional spelling. Not as much fun, but for me, as a parent, it was the right thing to do. NO, it shouldn't have to be that way, but it IS and I'm not going to let my kid pay the price because I want to fight the system.
  10. Summers_Off

    One set of scrubs?

    I think one is fine. My school recommended two because we wear them twice a week back to back. But, honestly, I still could have gotten away with one since I wash my uniform immediately upon arriving home. Still a germaphobe, I can't help it. Good luck in your program.
  11. Summers_Off

    How do you store your stethoscope?

    I keep my stethoscope in my clinical bag beside my computer desk. However, mine is neither pricey nor sentimental. But it is a pretty color.:) If you do decide to keep it out (or even if you don't), I suggest you disinfect it before you bring it home. Also, I wouldn't keep it in the car (like over the rear view mirror). I suspect that would damage the tubing.
  12. Summers_Off

    LPN Needs Work Now!!PLEASE HELP!

    Hopefully you have found something by now, but my suggestion is to physically go to some nearby nursing homes. It will cost you some money in gas, but if it pays off it will be worth it. Even though everything is online these days, I am a firm believer that pounding the pavement still works... especially at smaller institutions. Of course, knowing someone is always quicker, faster, better, but if you don't, you just gotta make something happen for yourself. Best wishes.
  13. Summers_Off

    Mercy School of Nursing...Evening program

    I took my TEAS there and before the test they said that the TEAS was a decent portion of your score (Nice! No pressure there, right? ) They were honest and said if you didn't get at least X on each portion you would not be competitive. I want to say "X" was 70 or 80, but it was three years ago and I don't want to tell you the wrong thing. I would call and ask what score you need to be competitive. They didn't act like it was some heavily guarded secret. Good luck! Nursing school rocks. :w00t:
  14. Summers_Off

    Do you wear rings?

    I leave my diamond at home. It has a really high setting and putting on those paper thin, stuck together sterile gloves is a joke. I have a plain thin band that I wear to clinicals. It was dirt cheap at the time and we bought it so I wouldn't be worried about losing my ring in the ocean on our honeymoon (I know someone that happened to!). Sure has come in handy now. When I graduate and start working I may treat myself to blinged out band because I can never wear my diamond to work.
  15. Summers_Off

    What time do you start clinical?

    0645 or 0700 depending on the clinical instructor. Per the official registration time 0645. Really sucks when your daycare opens at 0630 and it's 25 minutes away.
  16. Summers_Off

    Second time around: what did you do differently?

    My suggestion is to do lots and lots and lots of NCLEX style questions related to your exam topics and read ALL the rationales. I pick up little tidbits and it trains my mind how to focus on what the question is really asking. I learn how to pick up on little clues. Also, I try to relate things as much as possible to things I have experienced or seen. It's easier for me than to just memorize facts. For instance, a friend has a mother with COPD. I picture her coughing, see how rail thin she is, and imagine myself feeding her a small high protein meal. I put a lot of things into scenarios. Hope this helps.